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Warning: This Is getting a remake. Soon.

If you are reading this, you probably haven't made an article yet. So before you make an article, read this page carefully, don't skim it because your first SCP is going to be crap if you don't read this guide unless you have an instant understanding of what and how to write [Which is pretty rare in the community so congrats if you do.] or you read the official wiki guide.

Note: This guide is gonna be longer than the previous guide.

Before you start: Some Things to Consider

Most successful SCP Articles will have most of all of these components:

  • An Interesting Idea: An interesting and original idea is going to stand out from other SCPS.
  • Grammar: In general, the article needs to be eligible because you are writing from the perspective of a foundation researcher. Most professionals don't leave grammar mistakes in their reports. Deeper words (e.g. aliferous, sweven, syzygy, timorous, squelch, etc.) also maintain improvements on your article you're writing.

SCPS that don't follow these components would most likely fail miserably if this is the official wiki.

Also make sure to get feedback so you can improve your SCP before you submit your SCP to this wiki because even though this wiki has lower standards than the actual wiki:

This is not a garbage dump.

Getting Ideas:

The idea is the heart of your article and in stories in general. Whether it is a tale or as an SCP, a good idea will help you succeed in making a good article. Here are a few tips that will hopefully help you:

  • When you think of an idea you thought is, cool you may have to ask yourself ” How would others think of it? ” If your uncertain ask the people on this wiki.
  • If you want to base your SCP on a real/fictional thing, you have to make sure that it is expandable.
  • If you can't think of an idea you should look for inspiration. The internet is a strange place so there are thousands of creepy/strange images.


The first thing you should know about SCP foundation is that its motto is “Secure, Contain and Protect.“

The containment of an object should be clear and logical.

For example sake, if you want to require a nuke in the containment of a fucking normal cat your article would fail miserably if this was the official wiki.

Also, don't put stuff in your self-explanatory containment procedure. If your article concerns a living creature then you can assume it fed. That does not necessarily need to be put in containment procedure. Also, please DO NOT redact containment procedures, if we don't know how to contain it, how are we supposed to contain it?

Object Classes:

If you already know what an SCP is you should know what an Object Class is but for people who don't know:

Each SCP must be assigned an Object Class based on their overall containment difficulty. If you are formatting an Object class, check here.

Writing Style

Even though this wiki has a lower standard for writing style than the actual wiki you should still use a clinical tone. And if you have a intellectual disability, well try to help you at our best.

Who care about big words?
Avoid using ambiguous wording. Also, don't use longer words just because they sound smarter.  Only use them if they are more appropriate. 
Be atleast Professional

You are writing from the perspective of a foundation researcher you should not add slang or any jokes in your article unless it is intentionally a joke SCP.

= Censorship

By censorship, I meant XXXXX or [DATA EXPUNGED], etc. It adds mystery, or it just removes extraneous information . Don't use censorship on the information because you're too fucking lazy to add it instead use it to hide key information to draw the reader attention .(Basically just have good reason for censoring that information.)

Ex: I use my VPN to censor my IP so people of the official wiki cant send a hitman to my location for plagiarism of this part of page. (That was a joke obviously…)

Actual Ex: SCP 3719 name is [DATA EXPUNGED].

Also for obvious reason don’t censor everything.


There is no set way to format your article. However, you should arrange your information about your SCP. Also, put headings and indentation because nobody fucking wants to read a big blob of words.

Advanced Formatting

If you want your SCP to look so fucking good that God will give you immortality? Then use source editor!

Why?: Because it is better for formatting.

Note: If you want guidance on how to use “ Source Editor “ then go to this Wiki.

Cross Linking is good.

SCP Fannon wiki for fan-made Work. So it is most likely that you can cross-link to whatever article in this wiki or the official wiki.

You can use it to lure people to your article if you cross-link it to popular SCPs or newer ones.


1. Cross-linking articles does not automatically make your article amazing. Unless it a stand-alone

2. Cross-linking experiments that had something like SCP XXXX immediately murder SCP XXXX will make me roll my eyes at least have a purpose for it.


  • Foundation is not bitches nor cruel, but they are not servants. Don't put ”Give it whatever it wants.” Otherwise, I do roll my eye in disappointment.
  • Don't use emojis, I swear to god if you ask why I will-
  • Put context into images you put in your SCP.


In Conclusion, after you read this guide, you should hopefully understand what makes a good SCP. Making a decent  SCP needs dedication. It is ok to fail miserably learn from it. Accept criticism even if it is harsh. Nobody is immune to failure, keep that in mind and, you will do fine in this wiki.

Also check this page too for more of the Writing Guide