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I walk down the hall, finishing my shift guarding Heavy Containment. I hear screaming from SCP-8090's cell.

"No. Nonononononono." I say, running over. Both doors have been smashed off their hinges. I take out my communication device.

"Code red. SCP-8090 has breached containment!" I say, searching the halls. The containment breach alarm goes off. "Response Team Omega, report." That's Jeremy's voice. 

"I'm at 8090's cell." I tell him. 

"Wait there." he replies. "I'm coming." Ten minutes later, I see him running down the hall. 

"From what it sounded like, there's an 8090-1 on the loose." I say. Jeremy nods.  

"let's go." he says. We walk down the hallways. There's half a D-Class on the floor.  

"Let's not let that happen to us." I shiver.  

"Less talking more looking." He says. I see SCP-20438's 'office' on the right. He pokes his head out of the tank.  

"The 8090-1 went that way." 20438 points left. Not too much later we see it hunched over a Scientist’s body.  

We point our guns at it.  

“We can do this the easy way, or the hard way. Your choice.” Jeremy says. SCP-8090-1 growls. It’s teeth elongate and it jumps at us, clawing my forearm. I flinch and almost drop my gun.  

"The hard way it is." Jeremy sighs. "Fire at will!"  

We start blasting 8090-1. It dodges almost all of them The fog explodes it's host to exit. It floats away. The rest of Response team Omega appears on the other side of the hallway. With vacuums. They suck in the fog and caps off the opening.  

"Alright team lets go!" I shout. We run back to SCP-8090's containment and put it back where it should be.    

"Response Team Omega, report to the site director's office."

"Well" I say, "we'd better go."  

"You did a good job out there. I'm promoting you to Mobile Task Force Omega-9, AKA 'Deadly Orchid'." The Site Director says. We're speechless. That's a big promotion. More dangerous, but theres more action.  

"I will not hesitate to demote you." He clarifies.  

The file above is classified by order of the O5 council. Scanning..........               Activating Memetic kill Agent Gamma-Alpha-5-5