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> You Have An New Chat Message.
> Dr. Winston has send you a message!




Wyatt: Hey, one. Remember that i have an idea for a proposal, right?

You: Wyatt, i told you that you can't make proposals, even with your Level-2-Temp.

Wyatt: Yeah, i know, one! But, i'm temp and before level 4, so go ahead, why not?

You: Wyatt, no.

Wyatt: Very well then, i'm leaking the database to twitter.


Wyatt: Then check my proposal 🤡

You: Wyatt, you are an headache.

Wyatt: I'm gonna tag the GOIs, specially we are PETA yet?


Wyatt: Thanks, one.

You: Where is the link.


You: Ok, let me see.

Project #: SPC-001

Status: HIATUS

Codename: ANATRA

You: What the fuck ANATRA means, Wyatt?

Wyatt: You are supossed to know, you are likely the most inteligent guy on the world, you idiot. 🐒

Selachian Pugnātorial Capabilities

SPC-001 haves an great potential as an cognito-hazard and as an great weapon, the object is used on special missions involving lot of selachian threats to all levels.

SPC-001 agrees to the centre purposes and is friendly towards the centre and allies of the centre, if anyone related to an enemy GOI or thinks that selachian entities are good, SPC-001 will leave them in a coma, after the coma the people will have an eternal headache for all their life and they will be strange to everyone.

You: Wyatt...

Wyatt: Keep reading, one, mine is very cool, not like the stupid purple admin guy proposal or the one of zevoniac or somehow is called with just [REDACTED] and [ELIMINATED IN ORDER OF THE CICAPOCO][1], mine is surely better.

You: I swear, if i don't like it, i'm gonna fire you from the centre.

Wyatt: Hah! In your dreams, also if i got fired the Agent Madison can let me enter again because we are in a relation ship.


Wyatt: Seven what?

You: I will keep reading.

Project Components

SPC-001 refers to an very big duck made of plastic and water, SPC-001 shows an very friendly aspect and also acts normal to third parties that even no-one can notice that is is an actual anomaly. The object can't be destroyed with any sort of weapons and also the object can move by himself without any help.

SPC-001 Plushie gifted to an researcher due to non-anomalous effects,

SPC-001 is able to produce ducks by unknown methods, some ducks are currently captured by the centre and there can be more than the actual captured, this ducks are mostly made of plastic or are plushies with friendly aspect and all of them with anomalous properties, if SPC-001 produces one of these ducks or is moving to a city, field agents and MTF DDDuckers[2].

SPC-001 is able to combat selachian threats through cognito hazard moves or fighting, the object seems to scare every selachian threat and the method of fighting is shot lasers from his eye that surely kills the selachian entity in a second, if theres much selechian entities, the object will open his mouth and throw a bomb of model [REDACTED] with [REDACTED] components to the selachian entities, and the selachian entities will die when it explodes,

The object right now is on hiatus by unknown reasons, however, it theorizes that when SPC-001 is ACTIVE again, it will end with all the selachian entities and will make the event of "THE FINAL BATTLE", an win-win scenario[3].

You: Wyatt...

Wyatt: What?

You: It's... decent.

Wyatt: Woah, i never expect you to say that words once.

You: Yeah, i will keep reading.

Enhancement Summary

The centre convinced SPC-001 to work with them in 1983, SPC-001 agreed to help them due to he hates selachian entities too, and don't cares if he is being monitored by the centre, also the centre can interact with the object by watching him in his current location.

Deployment Record

DATE: 15/05/1988

NOTE: This was the first usage of SPC-001 on area, he was given to some 7 holyshitthatsabig selachians.

MTF DDDuckers indicates the area to SPC-001.

MTF-DDDuckers: Well, son, there they are...

SPC-001: Quack! (Alrighty!), Quack? (Why you need it, tho?)

MTF-DDDuckers: We want to see you on action for some logs.

MTF-DDDuckers reach to the selachian entites.

MTF-DDDuckers: Very well, end they, son.

SPC-001 proceeds to be quiet and inmobilized, the 7 holyshitthatsagiant selachians inmobilizes. Then the sharks are scared and SPC-001 began to look at they. SPC-001 shots lasers from his two eyes and defeats the seven selachians.

Date: 05/06/1988

Note: N/A.

SPC-001 is given instructions and he manages to get to an area, in the are theres a lot of selachian threats of different types.

MTF-DDDuckers: Very well, son, there they are.

SPC-001: Quack, quack, quack. (Kyōi o uchi makasu no wa kantan.)

SPC-001 opens his mouth and throws a giant bomb from it, all the selachian entities are inmobilized, and then, the bomb explodes, killing all of the selachian threats.

SPC-001: Quack, quack. (Yakunitatanai, bakageta same, yowakute orokana sonzai.)


SPC-001 one day discontinued to attack selachian threats, the centre was confused, so the MTF-DDDuckers talked with the object, and all was being recorded and monitored.

MTF-DDDuckers: Aww, son, what happened?

SPC-001: Quack... (I feel tired, father...)

MTF-DDDuckers: I understand that, son.

SPC-001: Quack, quack... quack, quack. (I battled the selachian threats at the start of 1948, and never stopped and continued, father.)

MTF-DDDuckers: I see, son...

SPC-001: Quack quack, quack. Quack, quack, quack quack. (I need an pause, i promise i will comeback to my old status one day, i promise, father, i don't want you to be sad, father, so i will finish my purpose on life.)

MTF-DDDuckers: I see, son... what you gonna do now?

SPC-001: Quack quack. (Entertain my family.)

MTF-DDDuckers: What do you mean, son?

SPC-001: Quack, quack. (Oh, you will see soon.)


SPC-001 On Hong Kong.

SPC-001 after three days, he started to move, where he was going was an enigma first, but then, the traces and his directions showed he was directing to Hong Kong. The O5 council rapidly approved this action and decided to leave him do what he wants.

However, in case of anomalous properties showing up, the protocol DUCKENTIA must be made to make all the people forgot about the anomalous action, the protocol is actived after the object finishes the anomalous action, DUCKENTIA protocol is throwing a high amount of amnesics in form of gas.


Some theories says that when SPC-001 finishes his HIATUS status, the object will move to the center of the ocean, there, every selachian entity will be there to start the final battle, SPC-001 versus all the selachian entities on the world.

Wyatt: Ey, oney~, did you finished to read the article?

You: Well, i didn't expect to say it but...

Wyatt: Yes?

You: Is approved.

Wyatt: Wow, Madison is really good at making squaloidhazards. [MESSAGE DELETED]

You: What?

Wyatt: Oh, nothing, anyways, so it's a proposal?

You: Yea.

Wyatt: Cool!


  1. 1SimonLovelace's and Zenovic Agent proposal, don't take this as an offense, thanks.
  2. An MTF that dedicates to track and watch SPC-001.
  3. An scenario where the SPC foundation completes his objective, kill all selachian entities.