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This page is made for the purposes of moderation or important information. If you have a problem with this page, contact a staff member.

General Policies

These Policies apply everywhere.

  1. No user is punishable for editing in good faith. if you don't know what this means, see Help:Assume good faith.
  2. If you find your edits are being reverted persistently and in a way you don't wish, talk it through with the individual who is reverting your edits or consult an admin.
  3. The rules are up for interpretation by staff in any way they want.
  4. Do not edit someone else's SCP page unless you are a staff member or have been given consent from the creator of that page.
  5. Respect others.

Meet the Staff

Staff is trusted users and granted access to the wiki in certain ways that normal users don't have so that they can contribute better to the wiki, clean up vandalism, delete pages where necessary, etc. Staff is here to help you and keep the wiki running. If you need to contact a staff member, please post a message to the wall of one of the following users:


These Users are Wiki's top staff members and have ultimate authority over all other users, including other Bureaucrats. They are considered the "Ultimate Authorities". What they say goes, but they still have to obey the rules. Bureaucrats are the only users with the ability to change staff's user permissions and will do so when they see fit. If you ask for Bureaucratic power and you are not an administrator, the answer will always be no.





These Users are similar to Bureaucrats but have a lower level of authority.



These Users have the authority to control the content of articles, and messages.







FANDOM Policies

This Wiki is part of FANDOM which has a few policies that apply to all wikis, including ours.

The most important FANDOM Policies are:

More of Fandom's policies can be found here.

Rule Enforcement

These are rules on how rules will be enforced and obeyed by all users, including admins.

  1. All pages listed as examples on this page, such as SCP-173-92 or SCP-173(Site-1328 Revision), will be deleted shortly after their creation. The creator must be notified each day before the page is deleted. When a response is received, the page will be moved to a page of their choice. If a response is not received within 7 days of the page being created, Staff is free to delete the page.
  2. Post Facto, or Users being punished because of a rule that was created after the offense was made, is strictly forbidden. Staff privileges are immediately revoked upon finding out that this has occurred.
  3. The Rules are not here to hurt you. Do not complain if you are punished because of them. Most of the time, it is because of something you did wrong.
  4. If a User needs to be banned, do not IP ban them. Banning the account is enough.


Page Categories are tools used to make page navigation easier, as well as to keep things organized.

General Rules

When Categorizing, there are 3 main rules to follow:

  1. Unless otherwise stated, pages should be categorized alphabetically.
  2. Don't create new categories when classifying your page unless a staff member has agreed that it is necessary.
  3. Do not categorize pages created by others. This rule does not apply to Staff.

Rules on Categorizing SCP Pages

  1. Add the SCPs Category first.
  2. Add the Object Class Second. For specifics on how object classes work, see The Fanon box Test.
  3. Optional: Add additional categories Third(listed Here). These are all optional
  4. Add the Site(Such as Site-1832) where your SCP has been contained or is currently being contained last.

If you ever have difficulty with categories, consult an admin or add {{NC}} in the source code at the top of the page.

Writing an SCP Page

The following are regulations about how to write SCP Pages. These rules are important if you want to write one. They are not required reading, but contain all information on how to write an SCP.

General Rules

These are general summaries of the rules of Writing an SCP page. It is recommended that you read the rest of the rules on this topic if you want to write an SCP page.

  1. If you are creating an SCP Page, make sure to use a number that isn't already being used on this wiki.
  2. Plagiarism in any form is not tolerated.
  3. Always Categorize your SCPs. See Categorization for more information on how to do this.
  4. Put effort into your SCPs.
  5. Make sure to format your page correctly. See the Writing Guide and Article Template for how to do this.
  6. Unless these SCPs were created before the rules were written(October 2020 or before), the following numbers are restricted to keep the more prominent SCPs' integrity:
  7. Any SCP with an item number between 1-200 is not allowed unless it is being written about a specific instance of an SCP. For example, SCP-173-92 is allowed because it is a specific instance of SCP-173 and not an article about SCP-173. However, all information from SCP-173 would still be in the article because the information is still relevant to the article. SCP-173(Site-1328 Revision) is also allowed because it is a Site Revision. Plagiarizing SCPs is still not allowed when writing a site revision. All information must be written by the page's creator, or edited to match their style of writing.
  8. The following numbers for SCPs are illegal unless you are writing a site revision:
    • Any number between 1 and 250
    • 682
    • 409
    • 999
    • 2191(Except with permission from User:Joaquim7210)
  9. Pages that are WIP (in progress, lacking a lot of information about the SCP) are subject to deletion after 5 days of inactivity. This can be circumvented via contacting a wiki Administrator and asking them not to delete your page and stating how long you will be unavailable.
  10. You can make pages on SCPs about movies, series, books, etc. You can also make SCPs that are a character from a movie, series, book, etc., but be clear that it must be of good quality because we will not accept SCPs of Madness Combat that is as they are.
  11. Any minor person image must be covered by something or edited to protect the person's privacy.

NSFW Content

NSFW content is allowed, but only for informational purposes.

  1. Sentences such as "SCP-XXXX has anatomically female reproductive parts, but testing has revealed that it is not impregnable." are allowed.
  2. NSFW content in an article for reasons that are anything other than informational is never allowed. Violation of this rule can result in a temporary or permanent ban.
  3. Images with NSFW content are not allowed unless they are anatomic diagrams. Violation of this rule can result in a temporary or permanent ban.


Taking inspiration from something, fiction or nonfiction, is allowed and encouraged. Just make sure to follow the rules when doing so.

  1. Direct copying is not "Taking inspiration", it is plagiarism.
  2. You are allowed to take inspiration from others' SCPs, just so long as they aren't so close in appearance that they can be considered the same.
  3. If two creators work separately and coincidentally create 2 SCPs that are the same or are similar enough to be considered duplicates, both SCPs will be counted as the original.
  4. Trevor Henderson's creations, or images of his creations, should not be used as SCPs or used in SCP pages.

Joke SCPs

Joke SCPs are SCPs made to be comical, regulations.

  1. Joke SCPs are not canon, except in scenarios only involving other Joke SCPs.
  2. Formatting is recommended, but it is not required other than the first 2 lines of the page.
  3. Joke SCPs still have to meet the same categorization requirements as normal SCPs.
  4. Just because your SCP is a joke does not mean that it has an immunity to being removed from the wiki.
  5. It is recommended to mix the formal tone with the humorous tone.
  6. NSFW content is allowed, but you must put {{NSFW}} at the top of the page.

Comments and Messages

Aside from fandom's normal rules, here are some regulations in place when chatting.

  1. Respect others.
  2. Do not argue with an admin, they are almost always right. If you feel like they are not, contact one of the Founders and get their opinion.
  3. No spamming.
  4. Keep threads on topic.
  5. Swearing is legal within certain boundaries, but it is not encouraged in any way. If you swear with the intent of harassment, you can be banned from chatting.

Punishment Appeal

If you have been banned and wish for the ban to be lifted, you must do at least one of the following:

  1. Convince your accuser to remove the ban via the ban-appeal Discord channel or Direct Message.
  2. Convince 33%(rounding up) of the active staff to remove the ban via the ban-appeal Discord channel.
  3. Convince a Fandom Staff member to remove the ban via any means.

You may attempt to appeal three times(once every 24 hours). If by the end of those three times, you haven't filled any one of the three requirements stated above, you will be banned permanently.