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Item #: SCP-9834

Object class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: The property SCP-9834 is located on has been purchased by The Foundation and has subsequently become Site-93. The fence-gate and door leading into Site-93's garden now requires a 4-digit passcode to enter, and re-enforced glass has been placed over the fence and windows of the site.

SCP-9834 inside of site-93.

Description: SCP-9834 is a wooden shed, approximately [REDACTED] years old at the time of writing. SCP-9834 contains a miniature black hole (SCP-9834-2), with a radius filling the entirety of SCP-9834's interior. Due to the contents, no personnel entering SCP-9834 have exited to date. About [REDACTED] personnel have been lost to SCP-9834-2 to date, and [REDACTED] D-class. SCP-9834 is commonly guarded by a humanoid entity, designated SCP-9834-3. SCP-9834-3 appears to be a young Caucasian female, about 4 years in age. SCP-9834-3 is not violent, and simply recommends personnel to stay out of SCP-9834.

Interview log 9834-3-2

Interviewer: Dr Krimson

Interviewee: SCP-9834-3

(SCP-9834-3 will be referred to as simply "-3" for simplism.

Begin log.

-3: Greetings, adventurer.

Dr Krimson: Hello. My name is Dr Krimson. I have no idea why you call everybody that.

-3: But you came for the object inside my shed, did you not?

Dr Krimson: I am aware of the object inside the shed.

-3: Well, don't try to take it. Many have some before you, and they never came back.

Dr Krimson: That's because you have a [EXPLICIT] BLACK HOLE IN THERE

-3: W-w-what is that? Sorry, I don't really know what that is.

Dr Krimson: *sigh* The reason nobody has returned is because the object in there sucks them into it and stretches them extremely long. Black hole.

-3: ...

Dr Krimson: SCP-9834-3?

-3: W-why did you call me that?

Dr Krimson: I'm with the SCP Foundation. We contain anomalous entities and objects, and sheds with black holes in them is certainly anomalous.

-3: What has that got to do with me?

Dr Krimson: Well, you're part of this package. SCP-9834 is the shed, the object in SCP-9834 is SCP-9834-2, and you're SCP-9834-3.

-3: S-so you own me?

Dr Krimson: Not exactly.

-3: ... Then who owns me?

Dr Krimson: W-what the he-

-3: Is that even what I'm looking for in life?

Dr Krimson: What are you on abo-

-3: Maybe YOU own me!

Dr Krimson: T-that's nonsen-

-3: I definitely want you to.

Dr Krimson: W-w-w-w-wha-

-3: You're handsome, strong, healthy and smart.

Dr Krimson: SCP-9834-3, I-

-3: What's not to like?

End log.

Dr Krimson has decided to take the role of a father-like figure towards SCP-9834-3 as a result of its flattery.

Now isn't that something? -Dr Smith.