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Item #: SCP-9832

Object class: Safe Neutralized

SCP-9832 donned by D-class personnel

Archived Special Containment  Procedures: SCP-9832 is to be kept inside of a secure locker in sector II. Personnel require a clearance level of 2 or more.

Description: SCP-9832 was a basic business suit. Upon donning SCP-9832, subjects become noticeably stressed from quote on quote "A long day at work", and will attempt to remove SCP-9832 as well as footwear. This effect will not be stopped by the time of day, even in the morning.

Subjects also express a desire to have a "relaxing shower", although will not act hostile when denied.

Interview 9832-1

Interviewed: D-98311

Interviewer: Dr ███

Foreword: D-98311 had donned SCP-9832 approximately █ hours beforehand.

Begin log.

Dr ███: How do you feel, 98311?

98311: Tired.

Dr ███: You only were awoken for this test █ hours ago.

98311: But i'm tired.

Dr ███: That's ridiculous..

98311: Don't take that tone with me!

Dr ███: Calm down, 98311.

98311: DON'T CALL ME-

End log

Closing statement: D-98311 entered a state of REM sleep mid-sentence, during which SCP-9832 was removed from D-98311, where he instantly awoke with no memory of the events.

Addendum 9832-063

On ██/██/20██, the GOC successfully stole SCP-9832, and incinerated it. All that is left of SCP-9832 is the tie, which is devoid of all anomalous effects. Is was purchased by █████ Allen for $██, and the item has been reclassified as neutralized.