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An instance of SCP-9506-13 in containment Note this is one of the few chambers in Site-35 to have windows

Nickname: Adorable Cloning Lamborghinis

Object Class: Euclid (originally Safe until it was observed to regenerate and make different versions of itself)

Special Containment Procedures

There are no containment procedures for SCP-9506 1-20 as they are allowed to wander around as long as they don't go into restricted areas. They have a chamber used when a SCP-9506 instance requires repairs and refinement. They have windows as the SCP has appeared to like sunlight. It is allowed outside for repairs if the repair containment chamber is full.


SCP 131 is introduced to SCP 9506
SCP 9506 is instructed to move into,SCP 131's chamber. 9506 complies
131 RED and 131 GREEN make panicked babbling noises
9506 calms them. 9506 and 131 RED and GREEN form an attachment to each other.
Results: 9506 given class THAUMIEL. 131s follow SCP 9506.

SCP 9506 -1 through -20 are Lamborghini Venenos with the intelligence of a young dog and is very curious. It has eyes as headlights, which still light up. It also has a mouth on its hood. It is also affectionate and has formed bonds with staff and Class-D personnel. Bonding is not entirely discouraged, it is somewhat encouraged as it allows further understanding of what it does once the bond has formed. SCP-9506 instances have been observed to regenerate when damaged and make new variations of itself. These variations, until 3 weeks have passed, are typically smaller than usually seen instances. They have a color code too.

-1: Lime Green

9506-1 with an SCP Personnel

-2: Purple


-3: Pink


-5: Red (Rosso Variation)

9506-5, the most commonly spotted 9506 being driven (9021 absolutely loves this like a little bro.)

-6: Orange

-7: Cyan or Light Blue


-8: Dark Blue

-9: Light Grey

-10: Dark Grey

-11: Multicolored (Rainbow)

-12: Multicolored (Black and Blue)

-13 (shown in image): Multicolored (Red and Grey)

-14: Multicolored (White and Blue)

-15: Diamond

-16: Pearl

-17: Garnet

-18: Amethyst

-19: Silver

-20: Gold

9506-20 being tested by Dr. Whyachi, Dr. Shakersmuck, Dr. Spark, and SCP-9021, with the D-Class nicknamed "Geoff" being used to test if he's a good driver. Test was successful with flying colors, thus permitting Geoff to drive SCP Vehicles Safe-Euclid.

-21: Chrome w/ Italian Flag slant stripe on sides

When it perceives a small threat, it will get closer and try to talk. If it is threatened too much, it will cause an explosion that kills everything within a 10 mile radius no matter how hard to kill, thus it is considered a jewel that could save us from Scarlet King, as well as the SCP that could destroy 682. It is even immune to SCP-293’s effects.

Test 1:


D-Class was instructed to go closer to 9506. Subject reported hearing calm noises and reported feeling better than previous feelings. Subject said "Aaaww, its so adorable!" Subject was instructed to make contact. Afterward, Subject reported to have been "hugged" by 9506. Then 9506 was observed to shout "I-i would prefer to be called Don?" Afterward 9506 was observed to make a new variant of itself.

Result: Successful test. SCP deemed sentient and given the class Euclid.


SCP-9506-9 is used as the vehicle of SCP-2191-21.

It can be put in SCP-914. SCP-914 will not do anything to it until it reaches at the least "Fine."


"Fine" will make SCP-9508. "Very Fine" will make 2 SCP-9508s.