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Clearence Level: Restricted
Item #: SCP-9072
Codename: Bucker o' Snow, Stickman Statues
Object Class: Euclid Keter
Threat Level: Orange
Disruption Class: Vlam
Risk Class: Danger

Special Containment Procedures

Due to the risk of SCP-9072 being used as a weapon, SCP-9072 is to be placed at an undisclosed location behind a Containment Access 4 Locker, while also behind a passcode locked vault which only the 05 Council knows.

All SCP-9072 instances are to be placed in a secure locker behind a Level 4 keycard door at Site-84, with 24/7 security guarding it. All tests requiring SCP-9072 must be approved by atleast 7 Members of the 05 Council and Dr. ██████.

Any and all SCP-9072 instances are to be designated for termination. Any new SCP-9072 instances are to be contained at Site-96, the first three instances being contained at Site-2390. All being locked by a level 5 keycard blast door, and under NO CIRCUMSTANCES is ANYONE allowed to touch SCP-9072. Any SCP-9072-A instances are to be terminated on sight, unless told not to by Security Chief ████████ and Dr. ██████.

The two SCP-9072-A instances are to be placed in standered, invisible and bulletproof glass cells.


SCP-9072 appears to be a standard bucket with snow inside it, weighing 10 pounds and standing at a height of 1.2 feet. Although when a living creature attempts to pick up the bucket, they will start to turn into a metal statue, looking one thus of a stickman. In all recorded cases, all whom have touched the bucket were all recorded ceased. Origins of SCP-9072 are unknown.

The snow inside SCP-9072 is impossible to remove, as attempts to drop the snow with machines have failed, as a dome like structure made of ███ appears to form above the bucket, making it impossible to drop. Other attempts at destroying the snow have been shown futile, as neither the ███ Dome, Bucket, or the Snow seemed to have taken any damage.

As seen through tests, attempting to move the bucket will result in the operator turning into one of the metal statues, while creating another SCP-9072 instance. There are currently 8 SCP-9072 instances.

People who were turned into Metal Statues are labeled as SCP-9072-A. These entities are labeled as extremley hostile and will try everything in their power to kill targets.


The Foundation has started to hear reports of Children going missing in Canada, ██████, while multiple civilians were reporting 'Stickmen Statues' in their backyards.

Mobile Task Force Unit Renga-1, Designated "Canadian Hunters" were dispatched to the area to investigate the missing child cases.

Video footage from Renga-1 shows them landing into ██████, center of the neighborhood. By the time they arrived, no civilians were found, just a bunch of Metal Statues. While part of Renga-1 was exploring a house, they found one of those Metal Statues, except it was holding something. The Renga-1 Major aprroached it, it was seen to have been a bucket of snow, it seems that the person was trying to destroy the snow by pouring water in it, and turned to a statue. One of the cadets attempted to pick it up, but after picking it up turned into a metal statue. So they brought in a Class-D by the name of D-1340, to place it into a crate. He followed the ordersm while turning into a statue.

Attempts to reverse what happened to the Cadet were futile, and the closest site, Site-2390, took the bucket into containment.


Items Involved: Flamethrower, SCP-9072-1

A Level 3 security guard was given a standerd Flamethrower, and was told to fire at the bucket. The guard proceeded to do so, emptying the entire canister, though the Bucket and Snow were not damaged.


Items Involved: Grenade, SCP-9072-1

A grenade was placed at SCP-9072-1 and SCP-9072-2's location, the detonation flung back at the researchers, killing 1 and injuring 2, the Bucket and Snow took no damage. This was when the researchers noticed a problem arising.


Items Used: SCP-096-█, SCP-9072-1

SCP-096-█ was brought into SCP-9072's chamber, dropping 096-█'s chamber on top of it, bucket and snow being perfectly fine. With SCP-0972 piercing SCP-096-█'s chamber, is forced SCP-096-█ to touch SCP-9072. Turning SCP-096-█ into a metal statue.


Item Used: Claw Machine

In an attempt to move SCP-9072, a Class-D labeled D-0143 was ordered to pick up SCP-9072. D-0143 did what was asked, after the claw machine grabbed SCP-9072, the claw machine turned to snow, falling on the ground, D-0143 was found to have been turned to a metal statue, with another SCP-9072 instance in the statue's hands.


Multiple reports in Canada, are stating that "Metal Statues" were attacking civilians in towns nearby the recovery site of SCP-9072-1, ██████. Mobile Task Force Renga-1, "Canadian Hunters," were dispacted to the town, noticing that all of the Metal Statues previously there have gone missing. Renga-1 was ordered to go to the nearby towns. Renga-1 split into groups of 8, exploring the other towns. The metal statues were found walking around, before one noticed the Renga-1 Sergeant, the statues now labeled as SCP-9072-A. SCP-9072-A almost instantly grew hostile, running towards the sergeant before being burnt alive by the nearby Commander. Their new mission was to now terminate all SCP-9072-A. Renga-1 was succesful, lossing only 3 lives.


Due to the Stickman Statues now becoming alive, the 3 statues that were in SIte-84's storage room also came back to life. All three instances breached the cell and caused a containment breach, breaching 5 other SCPs. The situation took 5 hours to take control of, 1 instance was killed while the other two were placed in a temporary holding cell.


Items Involved: SCP-500, SCP-9072-A.

A single pill of SCP-500 was placed in SCP-9072-A-1's cell. The statue is seen picking the pill up from the floor, and is seen agressivly eating it to shreds. SCP-9072-A-1 was watched over for the process of 5 hours, it has been shown to regain a human arm.