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Item #: SCP-894

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-894 is to be contained inside a small 13 cm x 18 cm photo frame in a 6 m x 6 m humidity-controlled steel cell. SCP-894 must not be removed from photo frame unless its for testing purposes with Class D personnel. Staff entering the containment area must use rubber gloves to carefully handle SCP-894.

At least 2 foundation agents with flamethrowers must be inside the cell upon testing. No physical contact shall be made with SCP-894, anyone making physical contact with SCP-894 must be terminated as soon as possible before reaching a fully contaminated state. Personnel completely affected by SCP-894 must be terminated with fire after testing purposes.

Description: SCP-894 is a sheet of striped paper, approximately 12 cm x 17 cm. It contains a small hand made drawing, representing a humanoid figure commonly known as a “stickman”. It has a shocked-like expression, it was discovered in an basement apartment on February 16th, 20██ around ███████, Wisconsin.

Close up of SCP-894 making direct physical contact with Dr. ████

SCP-894 is reasonable and intelligent, as it uses written text on is paper body to communicate with people. Upon a subject blinking, SCP-894 will generate its message, alongside changing the expression and pose of the figure in itself while doing so.

At most times, SCP-894 will try to persuade the subject talking with it to have physical contact with it’s paper self. Upon touching SCP-984, the figure moves without blinking needed and will grab onto the victim’s skin, it starts to deform into the spot the finger is pressing on and begins to crawl outside the paper body onto the person (hereafter referred to as SCP-894-1). SCP-894’s infection specifically works only on living beings, already dead organisms will have no effect on SCP-894.

As SCP-894-1, the subject’s skin is surrounded by viscous and humid graphite. It’ll continue spreading until it reaches its “Fully contaminated state”, in which SCP-894-1 is now a deformed humanoid entity made of the same material, with 3 holes acting as the 2 eyes and the wide open mouth.

SCP-894-1 is also packed with sharp ends on its arms and legs, it uses it to cut through human bodies and hard materials wettened by the steam emitted from each hollow hole of its face. It was observed to slice through iron and concrete with ease, and once several human skulls (see Addendum 894-01).

While SCP-894-1 is slow and stealthy, it is highly aggressive and will attack any living creature without thinking. Any subject destroyed or terminated after SCP-894’s contamination will regenerate a new stick figure on SCP-894 after no eye contact is made with the paper.

Sketch of SCP-894-1 drawn by [DATA EXPUNGED] after the infection of a Class D

Addendum 894-01: After the death of 4 foundation agents, the contamination of Dr. ████, and an containment breach attempt from SCP-894-1 while beginning research, SCP-894 was moved to a new humidity-controlled containment cell. The security team were given new methods to successfully terminate instances of SCP-894.

Addendum 894-02: SCP-894 was seen inside SCP-783’s containment cell. Due to having similar possession properties, SCP-783 was unaffected and was easily capable to put SCP-894 in place (mainly because SCP-894 is a sheet of paper)