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SCP-7999 "The Thirteenth Star" and all other associated documents are property of the SCP foundation, and are subject to the classification requirements and restrictions therein. This document may or may not contain lethal memetic defense measures. Attemting to access this document without proper and sufficient authorization is punishable by death.

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Consciousness confirmed. Retrieving file.

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Item #: SCP-7999

Object Class: Keter

Threat Level: Red

Risk Class: (Sometimes) Critical


SCP-7999 is an planet with an similar size at the earth, being a bit more giant. The object is located at 1595 km from our solar system. SCP-7999 is capable of modify his rotation process or orbit, and his orbit is about 114.304 kilometers per hour. The object isn't related to any solar system and is unpredictable if the object will move to a different position or not. The object can be noticed from the earth as another star more without any change on it, wich makes believe people that is just an planet or etc.

The planet, when approaching, an giant sphere is shown with an spring rain color, with an transparent aura of white color. Also grounds seeing from outside is the same color (spring rain) but darker, also is confirmed that the spring rain color don't shows or almost don't in the object, wich this color is theorized that is made by the aura on the object. The ground is mostly dark green fusioned with spring rain color, and the water is slightly desaturated blue for unknown reasons, the sky is spring rain.

The natural enviorement of the object interior seems to be totally destroyed by presumibly "The Seventh War" (an high war made on the object before his discover, more details will be given later) and the appear of it. The 56% of the object is ground, and the other porcentage is totally water, is theorized that there was more water before, but due to moments mentionated before, the ground aumented in rarely and surprising values.

The habitants of the object are known as SCP-7999-2, this are similar to human, but they are longer and have more strength, they also have an spring rain color skin tone, and their pupils are emiting a high light, wich make their eyes almost impossible to see. This objects can have feelings as hapiness, anger, sadness, frustration, etc. And this objects also haves an normal life cycle and can have an ill or problems.

Animals on the object aren't show and are presumibly death due to things mentioned before. Plants, trees, oceans, etc are present on the object, and almost no anomalous materials were found on the object except of a type of crystal that emits a cyan light and seems to be indestructible and can be cognitohazardious if any attempt of constant damage is made, this effect includes that the brains stop working for 5.8 seconds, causing an brain death or coma, or in worst cases, the person can die.

SCP-7999-2 instances are capable of making cities or towns, and haves sufficient knowledge to do it. Also events as earthquakes or tsunamis can happen, but the form of how earthquakes are made is unknown, due to there isn't an thing that can provocate them, so the events can be considered by anomalous force or just an force that can't be seen.


The object appeared in the sky on 1973, 14 of june. An light red star appeared out of nowhere, and from it SCP-7999 appeared with an force that was seem to throw the object through the star, the light red star was there until it dissapeared 31 minutes after it. The object SCP-7999 didn't dissapear, and proceeded to move in an faster rythm.

Photo from the discovery made by an civilian.


SCP-7999 must be protected by OTF teams for evitate any contact with other researchers or personnel located in SCP-7999, also due to the capability of free moving, it can make contact with other planets and the OTF teams needs to evitate the contact with it on any moment.

SCP-7999-2 aren't necesary to be contained, but need to be seen by another OTF team with this task, also SCP-7999-2 instances are contained on the AREA-7999-1 and AREA-7999-2, but the containment needs to be important and research must be made. The AREA-7999-1 and AREA-7999-2 are research and containment facilities for SCP-7999-2 objects.

Also an station designated as MKAP-79 was installed on SCP-7999, it's an SAFE cognitohazard that makes anyone who looks at SCP-7999 make the subject don't want to look it again (this is only for civilians that aren't part of the foundation.)

ADDENDUM 7999-A: The Seventh War

An conflict was made before the object went to our universe by the portal. This war was an masive war where by the use of high weapons or etc, the planet would be almost destroyed and the water started to end.

This information is know due to draws or images made from SCP-7999-2.

ADDENDUM 7999-B: Signal Lost

On 1986, 09 of September at 3:21 AM, the signal of both ares located in SCP-7999 was lost, and it costed 4 days to get the connection back, however, when the connection got back, nobody was hear in AREA-7999-1, however, in the second area an message was transmitted, it was this following one.

<Communication Started>

Dr. █████: Dang, it is finally repaired, Carl?

Dr. Carl: Yea, it was. What the fuck happened there?

Dr. █████: Well, both sites got an attack from SCP-7999-2, it was fucked up.

Dr. Carl: Well, good to hear it, but what happened to AREA-7999-1?

Dr. █████: The shit was crazy, it got fucking destroyed.

Dr. Carl: You need to be kidding... Did someone survive?

Dr. █████: Hopefully, yes. The Delta-11 guys, uh, neutralized the attackers and personnel were left and got rescued.

Dr. Carl: Fuck, send an message to the council or something.

Dr. █████: Don't worry, the area still have material and the AREA-7999-1 is being reconstructed.

Dr. Carl: That's good, then. I'm gonna tell they in any case, tho.

Dr. █████: It's ok. Now, uh, i need to leave, i need to help with the research shit and all, goodbye.

<Communication Stopped>

ADDENDUM 7999-C: Infectious Grass

Infectious Grass or now known as SCP-7999-3 is an type of grass of dark green that seems all joined and can't be taken out of it. If contact is made with SCP-7999-3, the subject will start to decay and after he will suffer from a cardiac arrest, containment of this object is not possible so personnel needs to take care of not touching the grass, an instance is being made for able to neutralize SCP-7999-3.