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Item #: SCP-7549

Object class: Euclid

Special containment procedures: SCP-7549 is to be secured behind a cage at sector IV. Personnel are to play with SCP-7549 twice every 48 hours, or face reprimand. During this "Playing", Personnel are advised to convince it to play "tickle-games", which will neutralize it's effects. SCP-7549 is to be provided with objects related to Christianity, such as the Holy Bible, when requested. Personnel entering SCP-7549's chamber are advised to leave electronic devices like phones outside of the chamber.

SCP-7549's effect on video cameras. (Note: the photo was taken during the containment of SCP-7549, as such, she did not have access to the medieval clothing the foundation provided for her, along with religious objects, in exchange for her co-operation.)

Description: SCP-7549 is a Caucasian female, about [REDACTED] in age. She is of under average intelligence, and is theorized, based on her sense of fashion, religion and speech,  as originating from 15th century Britain. Upon SCP-7549's presence, the immune system of other beings will be severely weakened, and they will be afflicted with what appears to be the bubonic plague. Upon physical contact with SCP-7549, however, subjects will return to normal. SCP-7549 has been recorded a believing that it is descended from god, and openly worships catholic Christianity. As a result, it is heavily "god fearing", and will not intentionally cause harm, from fear of being sent to hell. All electronic devices that come into contact with SCP-7549 will become highly faulty, and this effect will be permanent.