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Item #: SCP-70165

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-70165 is kept in a 4 meter by 4 meter by 3 meter bunker about 150 feet underground, and is to be surrounded by at least a meter's worth of a mixture of Sandstone, Limestone, and Granite. It is fed with raw me supplied through a hole in the side of the containment. In the event that SCP-70165 escapes, Foundation personnel are to employ MAP-008 to wound it and bring it back for containment.

Description: SCP-70165 is large, humanoid biped standing at exactly 2 metres tall. When fully outstretched, it's arms span exactly 2.5 metres. All four of it's limbs are exactly 80 cm long and exactly 25 centimetres thick. It can run at about 26 kilometres per hour and swim at about 21 kilometres per hour. SCP-70165 is technically sentient because it possesses the skills to create tools without human help, but it does not seem capable of speech.

SCP-70165 possesses the ability to pick up a cubic metre's worth of almost any substance in the area and compact it to about an eighth of it's normal size, as well as carry it around with it. Even after the initial compaction, it can compact cubic meter even further. SCP-70165 is able to compact cubic meters of up to quantities of 64 within the space of an 8th of a cubic meter. However, it cannot break Mixtures of Limestone, Granite, and Sandstone, which provides The Foundation with a means of containment

Although SCP-70165 can be killed, there seems to be no way of terminating it. When killed, it will always reappear within the radius of the area it last slept in. However, when the area it last slept in is destroyed, it reappears in the Gulf of Guinea.