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Item #: SCP-6969-J

Object Class: Apollyon

A picture of SCP-6969-J.(scary ass gatorade)

Threat Level: Superblack

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6969-J is to be kept untouched in a reinforced steel cube entity with a reflective interior at all times, with only the occasional monitoring once every week. Each recording must be 30 seconds long, no more no less. Should this anomaly breach containment, 50 59 69 (nice) MTF are to be sent in order to detain it and return it back to the cube (which is an incredibly dangerous process). Recent addendums of this creature must require an air-tight 2-layer plasteel container, powered by electricity out of their Radiation Absorption field.

Description: SCP-6969-J resembles an orange bottle of Gatorade, flavored "Tropical-Mango". The object possesses hostile properties, able to suffocate anyone who consumes it the liquid as well as causing severe damage to vital organs, reminiscent of a highly acidic compound. From further research, it can send fear through, and even send a panic attack into those who observe it for too long, shown from the footage of D-9672 while testing.

The entity can also move at unfathomable speeds, able to puncture almost every material with relative ease, and cause extreme amounts of fatalities in the process from the force of the impact. The only flaw of this benefit is that reflective objects are able to deflect it, hence why the interior of the metal cube used to contain SCP-6969-J is highly reflective. The staff who originally created this page seemingly made it in a hurry, only able to describe it as "Scary Ass Gatorade". The staff member also had interacted with the anomaly, which had been proven highly dangerous.

This had led to the first containment breach of the anomaly, which killed 31 staff personnel, and maimed approximately 47, shown from the scans of the rubble of the previous section of the foundation. The MTF mini-gaggle sent to retrieve the anomaly in the event had barely escaped with their lives, shown from their deep cuts and severe injuries, some of which nearly missed their major arteries, with one instance having their arm completely sliced off. This had lead to the containment procedures being changed, with the fatalities growing less and less per containment breach. After the 7th breach, the containment procedures have been changed and SCP-6969-J has been declared permanently and fully contained. temporarily contained until notice.

From further studies and research from more recent Containment Breaches of SCP-6969-J, It appears to have long, sharp, tar-black spider legs that protrude from the sides of the bottle, along with a lower-located mouth with sharp (Not exactly known how sharp) teeth and an approximate estimation of a 1 meter long tongue. Staff rumor that the creature has it's long tongue wrap around a middle-pocket in it's interior, much similar to a woodpecker in a sense. This tongue appears to be reinforced with cartilage on some parts, being strong enough to sustain the creature's own weight, grab onto a heavy-weight human being and lift them off the ground with ease, and sharp enough to slash through reinforced steel with a few horizontally-aimed licks.

Rumors suggest that this creature has excelled in thermal sight and echolocation, due to the lack of visible eyes on the creature. This may suggest that this creature can detect people through walls via heat adaption and radiation detection, making it one of the most powerful and skilled mercenary-class anomalies. Despite this, many people doubt the fact that it can square up, let alone even kill SCP-53435, making it a very, very debatable topic among the foundation. SCP-6969-J, from previous research studies, can gather up and radiate energy, often releasing a shockwave of pure electricity when cornered by armored units, or electric MK1 Units. These traits alone make it an apex predator among SCPs, being able to take out some of the more dangerous ones with (mostly) ease.

on 02.06.2022 at 12:00, the liquid suddenly turned into cum for an entire day.when the cum is consumed, the victim will start squirting cum from every hole in their body after 2 to 3 seconds.when the scientists in the site did a test on the cum, they found out that it was SCP-106's cum.

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