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Item #: SCP-6937

Object Class: Thaumiel


SCP-6937 refers to the execution of Operation P.A.I.N[1], the operation consist on the use of anomalous force (SCP-6937 instances) in case of attack in important occasions, and can be used only for Level 3 personnel with permission of the foundation and Level 4 personnel.

The operation will activate and free anomalous individuals designated as SCP-6937-1, SCP-6937-2 and SCP-6937-3, this are free and are giving indications through code, when they are freed, they all need to be monitored by cameras implanted on all the instances neck for not lost track or anything. Every instance can be activated with a control machine designated as SCP-6937-4, the machine consist on a ON and OFF control and nothing more.

SCP-6937-1 refers to an humanoid figure of about 2,13 in height, the object is made of only skeletons and his head seems to be about an skull head of a deer, his pupils are white and are brilliant meanwhile his eyes are just black. SCP-6937-1 is good at attacking in present mode with an expert hunter abilities, the object seems to be x1,6 faster than deers and x3,4 strong than any non-anomalous animal, the object can attack with his horns or with his hands.

SCP-6937-2 refers to an humanoid of an female girl of probably 19 years, and haves an 1,70 of height with an black large hair and blue pupils. The object descendence is unknown and day of birth too, his origins are principally unknown. SCP-6937-2 prefers to attack in the shadows with weapons as snipers, the object eyes also can make appear a laser and a hologram showing his status or enemy status, also the object runs fast and her strength is much for his appearence, SCP-6937-2 is also the one who handles and brings SCP-6937-3.

SCP-6937-3 refers to an statue of an broke skull, and the statue haves a message saying "Death Is OUR Solution To OUR Problems". The statue is white and don't seems to be just of concrete. The object presents an cognito-hazard damage to anyone closer to it, if the object capabilities are active, an blue light will be emited from the broken skull and if the object is closer to someone some tentacles will appear from it (tentacles that only serves for an warning that theres someone.)

Special Containment Procedures

The objects are located on the Site-49 most of the time, but sometimes are moved to other sites temporaly. They are located on storage zones aswell due to not showing an real danger when they aren't active, however, when they are activated, the objects must be given instructions from code and security personnel always seeing the cam.

The object, as said, locates in storage zones, in the zone, they are manteined in a common metal cell of 7x7, where all the objects are together in their non-active mode. The cell always haves cams and windows in case o seeing strange activies beetwen the objects, but none are showed until now.


The objects were found on a laboratory on [REDACTED] after the laboratory got destroyed somehow, field agents and security officers found the objects in a non-active mod and they all had bloods on their bodies due to they were the ones who destroyed the laboratory. The objects called the attention of the field agents and it was moved fastly to Site-49 for an inspection.

The Laboratory When The Objects Were Discovered.

Addendum 6937-A

The objects were showed trying to escape from the area once their mission was completed, the reasons of this are unknown, hopefully, they were all discovered and recuperated and were moved to Site-49.

Document 6937-A

SCP-6937 Usages (Actually, just the principal ones.)

Recontainment The objects tried to recontain the object that escaped. The Object was recontained by SCP-6937-2.
Defending The objects tried to defend the personnel from an attack. The objects defended the personnel and even fighted.
Attacking The objects were send to an enemy facility for raid. The objects were able to raid just a bit, but they bringed information.
Defending The objects tried to defend personnel in a breach. The objects were able to protect the personnel.
Attacking An raid happened and they tried to fight the enemies. They didn't stop them, but killed and harmed a high part of them.
Recontainment Recontain breached objects. They recontained a part, but not all.


  1. P.A.I.N refers to "Promising All In Nuisance"