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Item #: SCP-666

Object class: Euclid Safe

Special containment procedures: SCP-666 is to be kept inside a (relatively small) 5x5 glass box. Along with the box, food such as crickets and wasps, shall be provided. There is no need for water, as SCP-666 gets its liquids from the food that it eats. Anyone who is to come into direct contact with SCP-666 are recommended to put on either gloves or spider repellent, as these items can come in handy when handling it.

Description: SCP-666 appears to be a common Brown recluse, one of the most dangerous spiders on Earth, alongside the Brazilian Wandering Spider.


However, instead of it being a bit smaller than a Huntsman, SCP-666 is estimated to be bigger than the Goliath-bird eater. There have been no recorded footage or cases of SCP-666 targeting human life forms, except for the case regarding Dr. BLACKBURN. However, it has tried to poison several other SCPs. SCP-666 tends to go after insects, other spiders, and even smaller SCPs.

If injected with enough of its venom (which is about 2 or 3 bites), is enough to cause you a heart attack. As seen from the case of Dr. BLACKBURN. However, SCPs require more than 2 or 3 bites to succumb to the venom.

Addendum 666-1

On an unknown date, SCP-666 was seen inside SCP-2191-21’s containment cell. SCP-666 and SCP-2191-21 stared at each other for approximately five minutes before SCP-666 leapt at SCP-2191-21. SCP-666 managed to get a bite down on SCP-2191-21’s hand, leaving it swollen. SCP-2191-21 then retaliated by pulling out a .46 caliber handgun and proceeded to shoot at it. SCP-666 got away just as it was about to die.

Test Log 1: SCP-666 is introduced to SCP-131

SCP-666: (crawls towards the Eye Pods)

SCP-131-RED: (sounds of worry)

SCP-666: (overhears SCP-131-RED getting attacked by SCP-131-GREEN)

SCP-666 speeds over to the green Eye Pod and waits there.

SCP-131-RED knows what is going to happen, and switches to “Lock” mode to prevent itself from moving. Static starts to sweep over the camera as SCP-666 gets closer to SCP-131-GREEN. SCP-131-RED then jumps up when SCP-666 lunges at SCP-131-GREEN. The camera goes off as soon as SCP-666 hits SCP-131-GREEN.


Known attempted / successful / forfeited


Dr. BLACKBURN: Successful (was handled by Dr. BLACKBURN without the proper equipment needed for doing do)

SCP-2191-21: Attempted (bit SCP-2191-21 on their hand)

SCP-6208: Attempted (tried to bite its head, but was thrown off)

SCP-293: Attempted (test results were inconclusive)

SCP-9506: Attempted (test results were inconclusive)

SCP-783: Forfeited (realized how SCP-783 could possess it)

SCP-5015-JP: Forfeited (realized that SCP-5015-JP was most likely not even sentient, thus driving the point forward that it shouldn’t attack it)

SCP-2003-J: Forfeited (was overwhelmed by its cuteness)

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  1. Test Log 2: SCP-666 is introduced to SCP-5167 SCP-666 how are you Imposteri am red Scp 666 you sus imposter - no! no! Green sus SCP-666 you sus red you really sus