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Item #: 66066

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-66066 is kept in a 20 meter by 20 meter by 20 meter cage made from steel. Glass is also present for observation reasons. No personnel above C-class are to be allow into the cage for their own safety. D-Class personnel are regularly required to enter the cell at regular intervals to clean up the poisonous excrement from the floor of the containment facility. Said D-Class Personnel must be wearing protective stab-proof suits with oxygen tanks and no openings so as not to expose the D-Class personnel to the poisonous chemicals and fumes. After having done so, they are to immediately have any memory of SCP-66066 erased.

Description: SCP-66066 is a plant-like entity with thorns aligning it's stem and an anatomically canine head protruding from it's stem. It's thorns have a liquid coating that are highly toxic and can kill an elephant in under 30 minutes at just 12 millilitres. This liquid is produced through sweat glands on the stem of SCP-66066. The glands are present in numerous quantities all over it's body. The liquids also emit a toxic fume that leaves tissue damage to the nasal system and brain to any creature to inhale the fumes.

SCP-66066 possesses no eyes, but it remains aware of it's surroundings through means of letting out high-frequency sounds that humans cannot hear, but certain species of canine can. It's echolocation makes it only aware of it's surroundings from up to 50 meters away. It can produce pheromones of nearby animals, effective up to 6 meters away and even working to attract humans. It has been discovered that these pheromones work through walls and can even attract other SCPs. Once the prey approaches within 2 meters of SCP-66066, it strikes in a similar but faster fashion to that of a snake. It does not strike immediately, waiting for the prey's neck to be within the 2 meter radius around it.