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ITEM#: 63891



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Containment Procedures

The containment procedures won't keep him fully contained. SCP 63891 is to be stored in a 35 feet wide (420 inches), 39 feet (468 inches) and 13 feet tall (156 inches) with dead body's that look like SCP 63891 but they have different colors. A vent has been spotted inside the containment chamber on █/██/19██. The vent leads to the cafeteria, and is to be nailed down at all costs. 3 security cameras are to be inside the containment chamber at all times. Incase of SCP 63891 trying to remove the nails on the vents, Grade 2 lock down is activated and that closes off the vents. Guards will be dispatched to prevent SCP 63891 from removing the nails and Engineers would be sent in to replace the nails while guards keep SCP 63891 away from the vent. SCP 63891 was moved to Site-██ when he was ██ years old, researchers have confirmed.


Incidents that occurred with SCP 63891 involved. Will include another SCP or Foundation Personnel and Class D.

Incident 63891-A

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Involved SCP

SCP 553

What occurred: SCP 63891 manages to break all cameras in its containment chamber and remove the nails on the vent inside its chamber. SCP 63891 then enters the vent and goes to the cafeteria. SCP 63891 quietly runs towards the exit of Site-██. SCP 63891 manages to escape Site-██, and Grade 2 lock-down is initiated. Guards have been ordered to secure their sites in case of encountering SCP 63891. No SCP encounter occurred within 10 hours after breach, and Guards are sent out to retrieve SCP 63891. SCP 63891 manages to encounter SCP 553, "What happens if I remove this cover and flick the light switch?" SCP 63891 said, he removes the cover and flicks the light switch. All of █████ ███████ went out for about █ hours, deactivating all lock downs "Uh oh, I should have done that!!" he said with nervousness. Guards encounter the same SCP 553 that SCP 63891 encountered and flicks the switch, rendering it inoperable for about █ hours. SCP 63891 was retrieved █ days later when he was spotted attempting to break in a house at █████ st. SCP 63891 hears a gun reload sound, he freezes and a system text appeared over his head and it reads "Sound detected", he slowly turns back and sees guards with guns pointing at him behind him, He quickly faces at the guards and puts his hands up, Then the system text over his head changed and reads "Warning: got caught", the hammer flies out of his hand into the air. The hammer makes 2 flips in the air then falls onto the ground.

SCP 63891 has been re-contained.

SCP 6241

What occurred: ☀

SCP 63891 recovers his mistakes

In █/16/20██, a nice male guard called, "Guard 10" was entering SCP 63891's chamber, He found SCP 63891 siting on the floor at the right side of the chamber with his head facing down a little with his hands laying on the ground, He had tears on his face and some of the tear drops where dripping on the floor. Guard 10 walks to SCP 63891, guard 10 bend his knees down, "Hey SCP 63891, why are you sad?" guard 10 asked, SCP 63891 moves his head up slowly then makes eye contact, "I feel Sorry about making a disaster at Site-██. Its just how I normally live as a Keter.. I also feel very Sorry for trying to break into a house at █████ st, attempting to escaping Site-██, attempting to remove the nails then vent into the cafeteria, Removing the cover on SCP 553, and causing lock downs..." SCP 63891 answered with sadness, "Do you promise you would never do anything like that?" guard 10 asked with kindness, "Yes, I promise." SCP 63891 said. Soon guard 10 gets up and SCP 63891 gets up, soon they started hugging. After 3 seconds guard 10 waves bye then leaves the chamber. This made SCP 63891's threat level move down to "ORANGE".

Incident 978234-S-A

Involved SCP

SCP 978234-S

What occurred: On █/19/20██, SCP 3891 was walking down a hallway with a Authorized Class D until they both saw a red orb dancing in the middle of the hallway near its chamber. They walked closer as to not aneback into his chamber. This made SCP 978234-S's threat level move down to "ORANGE".

A strange note inside SCP 63891's chamber

The Note that Guard 22 found inside SCP 63891's chamber.

In █/21/20██ a female guard called "Guard 22" was entering SCP 63891's chamber, SCP 63891 was not inside his chamber but there was a strange note laying on the middle of the chamber. Guard 22 wn my chamber, getting a mild headache from SCP 6241, killing people or SCPs with my knife, being controlled by SCP 978234-S, being attacked by a lot of other SCPs, and making a lot of mistakes. My life does not feel right being a Keter, it feels like my life is in Danger or in Hell. I wish I could change my life :( ". "Ummm... that's strange. No wonder why he was sad with his life, but I don't know why he made this note" guard 22 said. She puts the note back where it was laying at, then she leaves the chamber.

Answers for some users' questioner he disappeared and left a note?", "Why did SCP 63891 make a note?", or "Is SCP 63891 a boy/male or a girl/female?". Answer #1: SCP 63891 went to the cafeteria for a slice of SCP 960. (SCP 960 is a chocolate cake that regenerates every mid night.) Answer #2: He left a note in there because on █/21/20██ in the Morning SCP 63891 wrote a note about his disasters and how bad his life was. He left his chamber and went to the cafeteria. A minute later, Guard 22 enters SCP 63891's chamber and saw the note in the middle of the chamber. Answer #3: SCP 63891 made a note so that he would never forget his events that he encountered. Answer #4: SCP63891 is actually a boy/male. I hope this answered your question! Let us know in the comments of what other questions you want SCPSARECOOL

The sussy page of SCP 63891

The sussy SCP label

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