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Item #: SCP-5979

Object class: Euclid

Special containment procedures: SCP-5979-1 and SCP-5979-2 are to be contained in the exact same locked container at Sector II of Site-19. Appearance of SCP-5979-3 is to be reported, with footage. If SCP-5979-3 begins to act hostile, it is to be restrained by site-19's security department.  SCP-5979-3 is to be kept under medical restraints at all hours to prevent another hostile action evolving the subject's left hand. Despite the obviousness that SCP-5979-3 does not mean any harm, it is to wear padded gloves at all times, in fear that both of it's hands' abilities will flare up. Every 12 years since incident 5979-3-4, on the 12th of march, all testing on SCP-5979-1 and SCP-5979-2 is cancelled, they are placed in their chamber and it is locked to prevent damage caused by SCP-5979-4.

SCP-5979-1 during testing, note that SCP-5979-2 is relocated because of testing.

Description: SCP-5979-1 and SCP-5979-2 are two large, unremarkable refrigerators, lacking any branding. SCP-5979-1 and SCP-5979-2 appear to have some form of linking, allowing objects inside of one instance to be gained from the other, and for said changes to effect the original. On the 12th of every month, A entity, designated SCP-5979-3, will appear inside of a currently unknown origin point, and will exit SCP-5979-1, and, after about [REDACTED] minutes, will re-enter it and disappear.

SCP-5979-3 has been recorded as a Caucasian female, dressed in D-class personnel attire, as standard of 1985. It has been theorised to be D-9873, who disappeared about [REDACTED] minutes before SCP-5979-1 and SCP-5979-2 were contained, on the 12th of march, 1985. SCP-5979-3 is covered in a thin layer of ice, which appears to act as a second skin for it. SCP-5979-3 has not showcased any hostility to date, though it may very well act hostile in the foreseeable future. Physical contact with SCP-5979-3's hands will cause subjects to be frozen solid in a 4.5 inch thick layer of the ice coating SCP-5979-3's body for about [REDACTED] hours.

Incident 5979-3-4:

On [REDACTED], SCP-5979-3's left hand was recorded to violently move, as is common with victims of the disease alien hand syndrome. SCP-5979-3's left hand made contact with ██ subjects before, as advised by SCP-5979's containment procedures, SCP-5979-3 was restrained and tranquillised by agent [REDACTED]. After review of the incident, agent [REDACTED] was given a promotion, and SCP-5979-3's section of the containment procedures was changed.

After incident 5979-3-4, A new entity, designated SCP-5979-4 began appearing in SCP-5979-3's place. 

SCP-5979-4 appears to be a humanoid constructed out of with ice. SCP-5979-4 is highly hostile, bludgeoning victims to death before escaping into SCP-5979-1. SCP-5979-4 appears only once every 12 years, though on the 12th of march.