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Item #: 56254

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-56254 is kept in a locked container at Site-1832. Due to SCP-56254's tendency to find permeable areas throughout the containment, all corners, walls, and cracks must be sealed as soon as they are spotted. SCP-56254 is to have ultraviolet video surveillance at all times to prevent any escape or containment breach.

In case of escape, The word "vacuum" is written every 2 meters in bright red on the walls to limit SCP-56254's mobility and guarantee the safety of all surrounding personnel, allowing for recontainment.

Description: SCP-56254 is a highly dense fog of an unknown vapor that causes shortness of breath, pulse acceleration, tremors, and fainting upon contact. As revealed by testing, even when D-Class personnel are wearing a face mask or hazmat suit, there is no negating the effects of SCP-56254 when in it's presence.

When SCP-56254 has caused a human or animal to faint, said being will enter a coma and begin to breathe normally. Normally, D-Class Personnel will report vibrant, flashing colors with a bright face that, even when they turn away from it or close their eyes, will not vanish. Said face produces laughter, which usually provokes fear, sadness, or other negative emotions in humans or creatures.

Although it has no other form other than a vaporous mass, SCP-56254 seems to display some level of sentience. This is evidenced by a test where SCP-56254 was placed within a vacuum chamber. The vacuum chamber caused it to move erratically, as if panicked stricken. When a second test was attempted, SCP-56254 was much more resistant and ended up capturing multiple personnel, including B-█████. Other tests revealed that, when the word "vacuum" was written on anything, SCP-56254 will do anything to avoid the word.