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Illustrated Pekora

Usada Pekora, Illustrated

Item#: SCP-5257

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-5257 is currently uncontained, a hidden camera is dispatched to observe on citizens in East Asia and North America, Citizens were administered amnestics if they observed one or more of the following:

  • If the subject knows about a hidden camera spying on him/her.
  • If the citizens observed the victim handling and reading SCP-5257-1, and writing a note on SCP-5257-2.
  • An anomalous event inside the victim's house after viewing SCP-5257-1 and writing a note on SCP-5257-2.

If a anomalous event occurs in the house on the town widespread, Mobile Task Force Alpha-50 ("Kouneli-Shikaar") are sent to investigate and track the representing anomaly in the manifestation.


SCP-5257 is a phenomenon manifesting on several towns and apartments in Japan and parts of North America, that refers to a Hololive Youtuber, Usada Pekora. SCP-5257-1 is a non-anomalous lavender small plastic envelope that resides in the SCP-5257 manifestation, when opened, it reveals a paper (SCP-5257-2) with a message that claims to be Usada Pekora, greeting the reader. SCP-5257-1 can only appear on mailboxes, and sometimes on the floor near the door.

After the opener reads it, they would experience hallucinations after 2 hours of viewing the message, this can last long for only 1 day. After 1 day, victims who read SCP-5257's message will only say the word "Peko" as of Pekora's Language, Pekolandish. It can last long for █ Years or permanently.

SCP-5257 appears to have a passive state when someone after reading the SCP-5257-2 message; and "write" a unoffending response. No anomalous and abnormal phenomena are detected, as SCP-5257 shows emotional response towards victims.


The following are messages recovered by the foundation from the SCP-5257 manifestation:

"Hello! I am Usada Pekora! Peko!" - SCP-5257-1 is greeting the reader who opened the mail.


"Thank You!"


"AH↓ HA↑ HA↑ HA↑"


Since SCP-5257 is currently uncontained, the following record log shows unauthorized citizens affected in a SCP-5257 manifestation:

Open File
Date: ██/██/██

Victim's name: ██████████, ██████

Nickname: Gerald

Age: 54

Victim's Description: Known as an animal hunter, and a lumberjack.

Log: Gerald noticed that a mail truck was early, and soon he woke up, checked the house, then went outside for the mail. Gerald opens the mailbox, then he saw SCP-5257-1. when he opened it , A message popped up that reads:

"Stop Killing Rabbits! Peko!"

Gerald then wrote the paper using a marker, and it says "No" and kept SCP-5257-1 and the co-responding paper in the mailbox. At ██:██, Gerald walks down the stairs and checked out the mailbox again, and it says:


Gerald noticed that the message shows that Pekora is angry at the reader, then he is shocked and returned into the house. At ██:██, then a undiscovered anomaly is found inside the house, left Gerald deceased, killed, and mutilated without any traces of material left.

Date: ██/██/██

Victim's name: ██████████████

Nickname: Aiko

Age: 9

Victim's Description: An animal lover, loves mostly bunnies and rabbits. She also likes anime and cute characters.

Log: Aiko loves anime, and cute rabbits. Aiko heard that a mail was dropped into the floor. Aiko went outside and picked up SCP-5257-1, opened the envelope and read SCP-5257-2 with Pekora's image on it. This Says:

"Hiya-peko! Hiya-peko! Hiya-pekooo! I'm Usada Pekora, peko!"

After Aiko read it, Aiko wrote a note saying:

"Hi! you are a very cute bunny girl, I love you!"

then Aiko returned into the house and stayed in a normal life, then another mail popped in the door, Aiko went downstairs and checked the door. She picked up SCP-5257-1 and read SCP-5257-2 and it says:

"Thank You!"

Aiko smiled at the text, and no anomalous properties is detected by the girl.

Note: SCP-5257 can only respond in an anomalous state when someone says rude and disagreement on Pekora. SCP-5257 acts friendly to readers who love bunnies, cute stuff, or Usada Pekora.

Anomalous Widespread Event Log:

Since SCP-5257 shows passion and aggression towards different kinds of messages, an event occured in Pine Street in ███████. During this occurence, a resident reported unknown occurences in his neighbouring house; and some of his children went missing. As the message went viral, the Foundation seeked attention from this incident; Mobile Task Force Alpha-50 ("Kouneli-Shikaar") with Researcher Marley Polen were dispatched to investigate this happening.

Log 1: Initiating the Mission

The following is a document from the Foundation telling exploration and documentation teams to neutralize and research SCP-5257's effects.