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Item #: SCP-5015-JP

Object class: Euclid Keter

SCP-5015-JP in it's containment chamber.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5015-JP is to be kept on a table inside a secure room in sector ██ of site ██.

Personnel require level 3 access to open SCP-5015-JP, and lower access personnel are to be escorted out if located.

After multiple tests resulting in SCP-5015 breaching containment, procedures for SCP-5015-JP have updated.

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Description: SCP-5015-JP is a diamond-plated metal box, approximately 2 meters tall and 3 meters wide. Upon opening SCP-5015-JP, subjects will locate a random object for key events in their life. These can be either good or bad, depending on the event and the object.

Test 5015-JP-038

Subject: D-29424

Object retrieved: A car battery.

Test 5015-JP-064

Subject: Dr ██

Object retrieved: A pill of SCP-500.

Note: Say what you might, that damned pill saved my ████ing LIFE! -Dr ██.

Test 5015-JP-190

Subject: D-309081

Object retrieved: [DATA EXPUNGED]

Note: Due to multiple cases of D-class retrieving heavily dangerous or expungable objects, (In D-309081, a rapist,'s case, a d[DATA EXPUNGED], D-class personnel / Dr Bright are no longer permitted to use SCP-5015-JP.

Test 5015-JP-195

Subject: SCP-073

Object retrieved: N/A.

Note: When Cain attempted to reach into 5015, it just moved away like it didn't want to give him anything. When he managed to corner 5015, it shot past him, knocking over all personnel and breaching containment. 5015 is now Keter as it has showcased this action multiple times.

Test 5015-JP-199

Subject: SCP-666

Object retrieved: N/A

Note: When SCP-666 crawled on top of 5015, it quickly moved away, causing 666 to fall on top of the table. 666 tried lunging at it again and again, but 5015 just kept moving away. Because of this, and the case regarding SCP-073, 5015 has been classified as Keter.

Incident 5015-JP-1: On [REDACTED BY ORDER OF 05. YOU LACK CLEARANCE TO VIEW THIS DATE], D-class subjects formerly used in SCP-5015-JP tests began acting in bizarre manners, usually demanding, with hostility, to be tested on SCP-5015-JP again. Upon denial of these requests the subjects began acting violently. It appears that this will occur in anybody retrieving an item from SCP-5015-JP that it deems as not high command. Any personnel who experience this will never halt, and have been designated as instances of SCP-5015-JP-1. SCP-5015-JP-1 appears to be some kind of disease, as listening to instances for too long (Around 5 minutes) will cause listeners to become new instances of SCP-5015-JP-1.