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Item #: SCP-5000

Object class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: 

Initial version: A bunker, located around 95 feet below Site-84 has been constructed to hold SCP-5000. Personnel entering this bunker are to wear full MTF armour as protection as of Addendum 5000-1, and are to take different routes every time they are in SCP-5000's bunker to evade SCP-5000.

Version 1.1: A bunker, located around 2405 feet below Site-84 has been designated as SCP-5000's chamber.

Any reported sights of SCP-5000 require MTF unit Whiskey-17 "Admin rules" to be called into the area.

If SCP-5000 escapes containment, yet is still inside site-84, site command are to engate protocol Enzak-13.

Description: SCP-5000 appears to be a male humanoid entity, constructed out of a corroded version of SCP-430-FP-2.

SCP-5000 located in [REDACTED], France.

 SCP-5000 is capable of passing through solid matter to it's own accord, although how it does this is unknown. SCP-5000's method of capturing prey is to submerge itself into a wall. Once it is fully inside of it's chosen wall, it will wait for a person to pass it. It will proceed to appear and drag it's victim into it's chosen wall. While adult subjects have been located with broken / missing limbs, child or teenage subjects have been located deceased with burnt limbs, missing heads and ████████. Surviving subjects have described SCP-5000 while fully submerged inside of a wall as a large humanoid entity, resembling SCP-5000's actual appearance.

Addendum 5000-1

On ██/█/2012, SCP-5000 was reported as inside of SCP-173's cell at site-19 waving at the camera, grinning, while dangling 05-█'s left arm. Once security was called, 05-█ was located limbless on the ground, and SCP-5000 was gone.

Interview 5000-1

Interviewer: Dr █████

Interviewee: SCP-5000

(Note: Dr █████ communicates to SCP-5000 via the bunker intercom.)

Begin log.

Dr █████: Why the hell did you do that to a god damn 05?

Dr █████: SCP-5000, i am calling on you to explain your actions.

SCP-5000: What is the difference between a bastard in a tux and a bastard in an orange 

Dr █████: T-that "Bastard in a tux" was in charge of that whole DAMN FACILITY!

SCP-5000: *Laughs* What kind of answer was that? *Thumps chest in location of heart* 
In here, what's the difference? A bastard in a jumpsuit commits crimes, gets caught and 
gets sent into shiddy circumstances, while a bastard in a tux commits crimes, gets away with it 
and get paid to sit back and watch all the bastards in orange jumpsuits do the work!

Dr █████: That's a twisted analogy.

SCP-5000: You only think of it like that because you work for them, don't you?

Dr █████: Ye-NO! NONO!

SCP-5000: You're realising you're foolish now.
Dr █████: N-n-no... no i'm no-

SCP-5000: I've had enough talk. My breakfast *Gestures towards camera* isn't gonna stay hot 
and flustered forever.

Dr █████: What the he-

*SCP-5000 walks into wall and soon after bursts into Dr █████'s office, tearing off
subject's limbs and dragging him into his wall. Dr █████'s remains have yet to be located.*

End log.

Known attempted / successful terminations:

05-█: Class: Attempted.

Dr █████: Class: Successful

SCP-6208: Class: Attempted

SCP-6031: Class: Attempted / Undetermined

[DATA EXPUNGED]: Class: Successful

Protocol Enzak-13: 

During a containment breach of SCP-5000, while SCP-5000 is still inside site-84, multiple monitors placed around site-84 are to project CGI recreations of D-class subjects being forced into SCP-5000's bunker. SCP-5000 itself has been recorded as falling for this, usually getting re-contained easily. Of course, D-class will not be actually released into SCP-5000's bunker, as personnel have reported SCP-5000's max distance of travel inside walls increasing for periods of time upon consuming a person.

Addendum 5000-2:

Upon viewing multiple immensely enhanced images of SCP-5000, site command notices the foundation insignia on the lapel of SCP-5000's "Coat", along with an 05 designation. Currently, scratches cover SCP-5000's 05 designation, however, the "05-" part is still visible. Currently, which 05 SCP-5000 was, how it entered it's current buildup or how it gained it's anomalous abilities is completely unknown.

SCP-5000 escaping from the scene of addendum 5000-1.