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The title screen of SCP-479-FNN

Item #: SCP-479-FNN

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The ROM of SCP-479-FNN is to be kept in Dr. Gaiden's computer and should not be released online. If any testing is to be done with the ROM, it should be opened with a Sega Genesis emulator (Currently Kega Fusion), with all of the control inputs tested while playing the Prototype. The subject playing the ROM should under no circumstances go past the level Ice Cap Zone Act 2.

Description: SCP-479-FNN appears to be a Prototype ROM of Sonic the Hedgehog 3, a video game developed for the Sega Genesis. The ROM file is 1.11 GB in size and is in the ".MD" format. The Prototype is internally dated to January 14th, 1994. The ROM was dumped online in December 2020 to the Hidden Palace website by the user █████. The ROM had 193 downloads by the time the foundation claimed it, leaving 27 people with paranoia, as well as 3 fatalities, including 14-year-old █████ ████. After the ROM was reported to the foundation, it was claimed by the foundation and it was requested that all download links and copies of the ROM are to be deleted, which █████ complied with.


The contents of the ROM appear to be similar with the 1993-11-03 Prototype that was dumped by Hidden Palace in 2019. Upon pressing Start at the title screen, the player is immediately sent to the Level Select screen, likely for testing purposes. The first 3 "zones" (Angel Island, Hydrocity and Marble Garden) differ very slightly from the retail release of the game, with the differences that are present are mostly in level layout. The only playable characters in this build are Sonic and Tails, which have their sprites from Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Carnival Night Zone has different music compared to the final version, and resembles that of the 1993-11-03 Prototype, with slight alterations.

Ice Cap Zone Act 1 has drastically different music, being more melancholic than any of the iterations. It is at this point where the subject playing the ROM starts experiencing its anomalous properties, with reports of the players having a feeling as if they are being watched, which stops after about 30-60 minutes after testing. Ice Cap Zone Act 2 does not have any music, as it was not programmed in yet.

Both Acts of Launch Base Zone only have the PSG channel programmed to play for the music. The Color Palette of this level is extremely different from any other known version of the game, with a darker aesthetic, with moss green ground tiles. The background is missing, instead there is a solid blue "sky", likely a placeholder. After playing this level, individuals start to experience paranoia and stress, which is irreversible.

Mushroom Hill Zone has no Zone Card. There is no music or sound at this point in the game, and the background is a solid black color, with only the Mushroom layer being programmed, but their sprites are unused and instead there is a jumbled mess of graphics for the character the tester is currently playing as. Individuals playing this level are reported to go mentally unstable.

The effects of Flying Battery Zone, Sandopolis Zone, Lava Reef Zone, Hidden Palace Zone, Sky Sanctuary Zone, Death Egg Zone and Doomsday Zone are unknown and have never been observed.

Upon completing the game, with or without all of the Chaos Emeralds, the individual testing has been reported to disappear or be found dead by decapitation nearby. Installing security cameras has lead to no conclusions as they always malfunction once the player gets to Flying Battery Zone.

Addendum 479-FNN-1: Upon being asked where he found the prototype, █████ responded, saying that "I don't really know, I just had it lying somewhere since I was 6. Never gotten past Carnival Night Zone."

█████ also provided two photographs, one of the cartridge and the other of a note. The contents of the note are in Japanese and were poorly translated by █████, they are as follows:

What a hell!
The previous prototype was completely confused! Your shit needs to get ready for work, this franchise is already collapsing like a terrible plane!
Our partnership with Jackson has been ruined by allegations. Without his name, the game won't sell!
I hope you are happy with your decision, the one you hate!
-Hayao Nakayama

Upon contacting Sega, the company replies that they do not remember making the ROM, and the note might be a hoax of some kind.

Addendum 479-FNN-2: Music from the ROM has been extracted by █████, including both acts of Carnival Night Zone, Ice Cap Zone Act 1, and the credits theme.