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Item #: 4567-J

Codename: Parmesan Seeker

The only known image of 4567-J travelling.

Object Class: Juno

Threat Level: Undetermined

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the nature of SCP-4567-J, it is unable to be contained by anything, under any circumstance. Not even the toughest of materials can hold this creature back. It travels across the observable Earth 24/7.

Description: SCP-4567-J is a humanoid entity that stands approximately 3.9 meters tall capable of autonomous movement. The object has been reported to move as fast as around 130 mph being able to break through various materials of the finest degree, though this is unconfirmed. The entity does not have the ability to speak or communicate through any other means about anything else other than the word "Parmesan", which it mentions through a computer-like voice. It is encased in an egg like shell, with human limbs, such as 7 legs protruding from the central mass enclosed by the shell. Further research has confirmed that the "shell" in question is actually composed of the organic compound ██████ as well as trace amounts of dried human muscle tissue. Likewise, SCP-4567-J has human feet protruding from all side-angles on its body, as well as an eye., which is capable of independent movement, as well as blinking, though this has been largely undocumented.

SCP-4567-J has a strange fascination with a type of cheese: Parmesan, which it constantly seeks for. The entity doesn't seem to run out of stamina, as it constantly travels, not showing signs of exhaustion. When it is exposed to Parmesan cheese, SCP-4567-J will violently convulse and shake, emitting a high-pitched noise, consuming the cheese apparently through ██████████ that is located on it's █████████, though the event is concealed by a blinding light, which prohibits the actual witnessing of the event, as the light is reportedly blinding and has been, so far, unable to gaze upon. After the event, SCP-4567-J's limbs will retreat back into it's central mass, and it's eye will close. After around 24 hours, its eye will re-open and it's limbs will protrude from it's shell.