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Item #: SCP-42069

Object class: Keter

One of the only pictures of SCP-42069

Special containment procedures: SCP-42069 needs to be kept in a bedroom, referred to as SCP-007-J, though there is no info on that anomaly yet at the moment. People who interact with this anomaly will perish from unknown causes in 10 seconds (5 minutes if SCP-714 is equipped).

Description: SCP-42069 resembles a Nintendo character referred to as Donkey Kong. This anomaly's abilities are currently unknown, but we do know that it possesses immense speed and strength, and the ability to kill anyone and anything that interacts with it in a varying time. Usually, it takes 10 seconds for them to die of unknown causes. When SCP-714 is equipped, it will take an average of 5 minutes for the person or animal to die.