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Item#: SCP-3

Object Class: Keter (Previously Euclid)

SCP-3 in containment.

SCP-3 in containment.

Clearance Level: 4

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3 Is contained in a big cell of Site-█. SCP-3's containment cell is to have no windows.

Description: SCP-3 is an invisible entity. SCP-3's looking is a camera and composition is composed of basic CCTV materials.

SCP-3 is capable of levitation - When a human being enters SCP-3's containment cell, they will be the target. When SCP-3 Spotted the target, SCP-3 will Secrete invisible bullets to the target. If SCP-3 Fails, SCP-3 will control another camera and do the same thing. If SCP-3 has killed the target, SCP-3 will uncontrol the controlled camera and control it's basic SCP-3 structure.

It is unknown how SCP-3 can do this.

Addendum-3-1: Inside containment, SCP-3 is just staring at the blast doors waiting for prey. Classification to Keter requested.

"We accepted your request and SCP-3 has been upgraded to Keter class." - O5-█