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Item #: SCP-378942

[Image redacted to prevent personnel from turning into SCP-378942-1.]

Object Class: (Formerly Dark Keter) Apollyon

Threat Level: Red

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-378942 must be contained in a 1 mile deep bunker requiring O5 Council's permission to enter. Upon entering the first room, any Class-D are to be scanned for any weapons and equipment.

Once the process of scanning is complete, an O5 member is to lead them through 10 Blast-Doors, and into the actual room itself.

The room in question has the SCP in the corner, while veins from it cover the entire chamber, some even hanging from the ceiling. There are also small pools of lava in the chamber from closer inspection.

Description: SCP-378942 resembles a giant red egg of unknown height. It possesses mind controlling properties, taking form when anyone makes contact with it for too long. These properties also retain the ability to function through images.

Should the mind controlling properties occur in a Class-D's brain, they will become SCP-378942-1.

SCP-378942-1 takes the form of a normal human individual, but with a changed eye color to a redder tint. The Egg Cultists, as they're called, possess a humble personality, knowing ordinary manners in interviews.

The cultist being interviewed occasionally changes the subject, asking the staff interviewing them if they want to join the Eggpire.

If they don't agree, the cultist will try to persuade them into joining, being extremely polite in the process. If the staff member agrees, the cultist will ask to pause the interview to lead the interviewer to the Egg. The staff that have agreed to the offer have never been heard from again.

Addendum 378942-1-1

On 2/19/2020, Research Director Jordan █████████ [Age 25] interviewed an Eggpire Cultist by the name of Owen [Last Name Unknown] [Age 19]. Midway through the interview, it was paused to go visit the egg. The interview was never continued, and Jordan was never heard from again. 1 month and 4 days later, Kenneth H. was promoted to Research Director.

Test Log 1: Interview with a Cultist

SCP-378942-1: Why hello there!

Jordan: Hello there, SCP-378942-1. Care to explain about this egg?

SCP-378942-1: Why, you see.. this Egg is great!

Jordan: Reasoning?

SCP-378942-1: You see, this egg is unlike any other egg. It has the ability to change the life of anyone who witnesses it's beauty in the grandest of ways!

Jordan: This still seems a bit suspicious. Does this egg have any dangerous properties that I should be aware of?

SCP-378942-1: Wh- No, silly! The egg isn't dangerous, silly! It'll change your life for the better, therefore it isn't dangerous! At all!

Jordan: Alright, alright.. So, what drove you to worship-

SCP-378942-1: The Egg wants to see you. Can we go and visit the Egg?

Jordan: Sure, let's hold an agreement. 5 minute trip, then we go back to the interview.

SCP-378942-1: Hmmm, 5 minutes doesn't seem like enough. Can we expand that time length?

Jordan: Alright. 15 minute trip, in and out.

The Cultist brings Jordan out of the room, telling the staff member guarding the containment chamber of SCP-378942 that they wish to view it. To this day, Jordan has never been seen or heart from again.

Once SCP-378942 grows to it's full size, it will start to hatch from the tip down. Whatever is inside, I have a bad feeling about it. We don't know when this Egg will hatch, but from my research, it'll happen somewhere in 2022 2025.

If this happens, we can expect an AK-Class End-of-The-World Scenario, in which everyone will be compelled to worship the deity that emerges from this wretched egg. If it's not fed a sacrifice, it'll go on a slaughtering rampage to quench it's hunger and thirst.