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Item #: SCP-30303

Class: Safe Euclid Keter

Containing Procedures

SCP-30303 currently is buried underneath the Earth ██ deep in the “courtyard” of Site-███ near the West Gate, where it can be accessed through an elevator. SCP-30303 can be roamed freely in the Site, as it has shown no hostility towards humans. Surveillance and guards are to be shifted every 6 hours to make sure nothing unusual has occurred, or SCP-30303 escaped. If SCP-30303 is ever to be teleported, it is to be brought back to Site-███, regardless of the circumstances of problems. SCP-30303 is to be brought to another site, every year. There are no longer to be experiments and testings with SCP-30303 from its dangerous abilities and belligerent powers.


SCP-30303 are divided into three categories and named SCP-30303-1 ~ SCP-30303-3.


SCP-30303-1 is a wooden Medieval-styled Coffin that is to be dated to the 18th Century. The coffin itself doesn’t have an anomaly, except the fact that it sometimes can teleport around other Sites of the Foundation. It has been found that this coffin only affects the Foundation and not other locations, currently. SCP-30303-1 has odd teleporting locations, from being found in the contaminants of other SCPs, in the bathrooms, or even in [DATA EXPUNGED]

SCP-30303-1 has carvings on the lid of the coffin, which is written in an unknown language or possibly have died out. It is still unknown to this day. Old Leodonese. It is written, “To Luke ███████ the man who brought puppets back to life.” It is unknown who Luke exactly is, for he is never recorded in human history.

When changing locations of SCP-30303, never is the lid to be opened. There is no exception, NEVER.


SCP-30303-2 is a doll, 30 cm tall from its “head” to “foot”. It is made of fabric, wearing a black suit with yellow fabric hair with fair-toned skin. SCP-30303-2 is a sapient being, as it walks with its two feet. Although it cannot speak, it shows affection and love towards the Foundation Staff uses some simple gestures of saying yes and no, and a few others which seem to be in sign language.

SCP-30303-2 can be found in the coffin with SCP-30303-3, as when the coffin lid of SCP-30303-1 opens, SCP-30303-2 will start moving after about four (4) to ten (10) minutes, despite if the lid is closed later. SCP-30303-2 has the brain of a 6-year-old 30-year-old human, as he can write too, although his handwriting is sloppy due to having no fingers.

SCP-30303-2 has anomalous abilities that have classified it into a Keter (See Incident 5667-A below), as it can make those who touch it experience acute pain, see Addendum 5667.3 for more information.


SCP-30303-3 is an artifact also found with SCP-5667-2, as it takes the form of an M1911 Pistol without a chamber. Shooting it has shown to [DATA EXPUNGED] (See Addendum 30303.2 for more of this)

Note: It isn’t exactly known why that damn gun is with that satanic puppet, god have mercy on us. This thing possibly can destroy humanity, and SCP-2000 might not work… who was stupid to put that in Luke’s Coffin? Give him [REDACTED]!



Addendum 30303.1

SCP-30303 was found in ████████, Hungary at 18██ found from a group of archaeologists. None of them had returned and [DATA EXPUNGED]

Addendum 30303.2 (Authorized Personnel only)

SCP-30303 has found dangerous anomalous and mechanical abilities. From shooting yourself, or targetting others, and also note that the gun also seems to have infinite ammo. This information was written on the Addendum to prevent other Foundation Personnels, especially Level-3 Personnels from experiencing PTSD, which has been an ability of that damn gun.

There are no longer experiments with that thing. Ok? No blackmailing purpose, entertainment use, or abusing.



Addendum 30303.3

The first hostility attack of SCP-30303-2 was started at █/██/20██ as a female Assistance Researcher went missing, and was later found [REDACTED]ing her, as it peniciously attacked several Foundation Personnels, as when found, they were gone.

██ minutes after the incident, personnels who were knocked down, injured, or killed by SCP-30303-2 were found, only the heart and several crushed organs were found.

Inside the hearts of the victims were a puppet resembling each of the victims, which were in the same shape as SCP-30303-2.