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Item #: 30153

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-30153 is never legally allowed to leave the property it owns, and cannot interact with animals on it's property except for those that it owns or has already affected.

Description: SCP-30153 is a Humanoid Entity resembling a small old man standing at about 1.3 metres. The object is sentient and speaks English with a somewhat falsetto voice, with an accent sounds extremely similar to one from Southern USA. It responds to the name "Joseph" and is sexually compatible with humans. It has male reproductive parts and an Y chromosome and prefers male pronouns used when addressing it. Despite being human or very similar to human, it does not age and seems to stay at a permanent age of 51 years old.

SCP-30153 possesses legal ownership of an 8-acre wheat farm. It also has the legal licenses to operate most farming equipment, while owning most of the equipment it is allowed to operate. The object's farm also has a larger-than-normal coup of chickens which are tended to, farmed for eggs, and bred over time.

SCP-30153 possesses the ability to heal and pacify all animals, including humans, simply by touching them on the head. Sometimes, in very rare cases, a wounded animal simply being in the proximity of SCP-30153 has been enough to heal it. However, the object has asked that it's actual coordinates be kept a secret at all costs and only be known by certain A-Class personnel and select B-Class personnel.