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Item #: SCP-2838

Object Class: Safe

Threat Level: White

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-2838 must be contained in a thick glass layer with a complex system of material connected together. Any janitor that is required to clean and mop the floors in SCP-2838's containment chamber must clean the floor and the walls. SCP-2838 must be contained in a containment chamber required with level 2 clearance.


SCP-2838 is a regular bucket with liquid identified as blood and water mixed together. The characteristics of SCP-2838 is distinct from SCP-035. The liquid decreases and increases in different liquids as shown in tests. The liquids are considered safe for ethical reasons that explain that the liquid can increase damaged DNA. SCP-2838 has resided in a constant divided loop. SCP-2838 has been explained by anomalous science.

Termination Attempts

Termination Attempt 1-Alpha

SCP-2838 was dumped out of its bucket and into a [Alpha-1 Containment Chamber Pool] right near Site-39. The termination attempt failed after just 24 seconds. SCP-2838 regained back to its normal position in the bucket.

Termination Attempt 2-Delta

SCP-2838 was put in a freezing container in site-90. As yet again, the termination attempt failed after just 3 hours. SCP-2838 jumped out of the freezing container without a full explanation.