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"Do you think they caught me I'll run away and come home Doctor I'm Human !!!!" ― Jiro


Object Class:???-Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2191-21 (called "Jiro") is temporarily in a sedative-induced coma. This solution is temporary because of the rate that SCP-2191-21 is gaining resistance to the sedatives. When a more permanent decision is made, it will be carried out immediately.

Description: SCP-2191-21 is a young-looking humanoid with dark-skin. SCP-2191-21 is approximately 18 years old, with black hair and eyes that vary in color depending on the current state of their emotions. Currently, SCP-2191-21's eyes have been observed as brown, red, white, yellow, pink, blue, black, green, purple, orange, and gray.

Confidential Authorship Documents

SCP-2191 - Fake: Jiro is the only instance born after 999 attempts by an experimental scientist during an attempt to create a superior human being using magic.

Areas of Global Performance - Fake: It is not known for sure where it operates, certainly not a specific place.

Escape Attempts - Real: SCP-2191 has attempted to breach containment 8 separate times.

Rank Missions - Real : A record of all operations that have been assigned to SCP-2191-21 that were completed, are in progress, or cancelled.

The Nightmare of a Distant Future - Real : For two weeks SCP-2191-21 would wake up in the middle of the night and go to the prete of his bed and start writing and after finishing erasing what had been written and a message of a future or a memory.

Recovered Data Genes Employed - Real : The files of the chief scientist who created SCP-2191-21 show a sequence of genes from beings not classified by the foundation still under review.

Claire's Secret Diary - Real : Claire's Secret Diary: A secret diary written by another Claire from another time, something she never had the courage to say. The text was magically seemingly supernatural in a way that could only be read to the unaddressed. According to the information passed by the occult team of the German development laboratory, the death of the writing was necessary for the message to reach the past. The diary self-destructed after being read as a security measure leaving its reader with a tear streaming down his face.


SCP-2191-21 is healthy and aesthetically pleasing, making them appear attractive to women of a similar age who are impressed by SCP-2191-21's image, taking a liking to dressing formally when acting as a field agent, usually wearing a two-pistol suit or a sword. When on vacation, they prefer to wear casual clothing, which they get from their mother.


SCP-2191-21 personality, according to doctors' analysis, seems to be that of a middle aged male in a young adult's body. The knowledge of not being fully human does not concern SCP-2191-21 in most day-to-day situations in their current residence, meaning usage of their supernatural skill levels in public is usually necessary. SCP-2191-21 has also avoided usuage of their supernatural skills on morally good people.

Allignment: Neutral Good

SCP-2191-21 has a has exhibited morals to the point of being unaffected by the SCP-166 during their first attempt to escape with SCP-999. But when she realized that the SCP-682 accidentally escaped her escape attempt, he returned to help Agent Laura, who caught him unconscious in the rubble, was about to be eaten alive.

Your personality may vary depending on whether you would take a comic situation seriously, but what doesn't change is how you feel about what you need to eat. As what doctors and scientists call Dampiro, it was clear that he would never be a normal person again, fortunately befriends some SCPs, and was allowed to act as an agent within the SCP Foundation. He despises the entity known as SCP-666 because of its apparent arachnophobia and a deep hatred for this creature.

You have a very good talent for dealing with children. Which makes him a good mentor for young age SCPs who are often called "The Older Brother." And one of the most socially adept who, being young, ds things young. But when it is necessary to take the proper attitudes of a Captain in combat.


In the year 19XX, the chief scientist and master of occultism Doctor XXXXX was responsible for a series of sample theft of SCPs, especially SCP-2191, which was used as the basis for the illegal experiment to create a living biological weapon with skills that could help eradicate 90% of the world population and doctor was a double agent of a group known as XXXXXXX Lords of the World, this group is responsible for trying to eradicate many humans from the world in World War II.

His last location was in South America, where he was found dead. Another message was left: “Got it.” This panicked with a certain SCP Foundation scientist, because in his notes it was revealed that a group of 1000 pregnant women was being used as a guinea pig. From a non-vitamin injection but something to affect the 1000 babies, only 100 managed to reach the sixth month of those 100, only 30 didn't go crazy and only 1 managed to get the pregnancy through and give birth on July 21. The SCP Foundation has issued a surveillance flap to observe this child if she has any abnormalities, and her capture will be effective if the use of authorized lethal force is required.

The young man had no abnormalities until May 20, 20XX, where he stopped a car with a drunk driver before running over his sister chasuble, aware that it was his own act to leave at 2:00 am for a flower bed near an abandoned site, What seemed to be training picking up heavy things and other things impossible for normal people, after it seems to show what looked like hunger and attacked and drank the blood of the watchdog. And a year after these events adopted a masked vigilante stance, many of the criminals in his area became known as the "Hero." In the following years, a siege was set up to take him without much attention, two agents were placed in his school, and one to infiltrate the family began to go out with his aunt, who he knew best.

Abilities & Powers

"I do not know the season of these powers Doctor. That's why you should practice every day." ― Jiro and Doctor

Being a hybrid created by an Occult Scientist has strong abilities and powers that resist the effects of SCP-239 on a young child who bends reality.

Dimensional Independence: In some way to possess a protection that does not alter its state in reality and protects it from being with such abilities that potential may evolve more in the future but perfectly protects it from the Witch's Daughter its abilities over reality.

Super Strength: It is not known for sure the limit of its strength, but it was recorded in its escape that I was able to break three steel doors and one of titanium fused to the strongest niobium in theory and equal to the force of SCP-XXXX.

Super Speed: When that can reach the speed of a bullet.

Seduction Immunity: Resist to be sexually aroused.

High Regeneration: In his attempt to escape was hit by 23 bullets, his wound healed on a day of rest, feeding on blood that his wound healed within hours.

Super Senses: Your senses are extremely sharp especially your smell and hearing can hear and smell blood up to 2 km.

Super Resistence: Its resistance is abnormal and four times greater than that of a normal human.

Shapeshifter: When SCP-953 attacked him, I became a big wolf when she, in fox form, tried to devour an agent. After this event started trying to turn other animals like a crow, more everyday they try to become a dragon.

Adaptive Learning: Once his abilities had appeared, he demonstrated an insane ease of learning.

Molecular Manipulation: SCP-343 said that one day it could turn water into wine and did so turned water into grape juice.

Elemental Manipulation: Changed the mood for training with SCP-777-J.

Haemopotent Replication: Got some of the SCP-3999 blood and now has the warping power of reality.

Divine Vessel - When he is near death, very wounded, almost dead, he begins to fall into a state of unconsciousness at this time. The "Gate Guardian" takes control of your body, insanely increasing its power and manifesting the other greater powers.

Willpower Ascendancy: The mind has a lock that limits all growth of its power at times so much willpower can be removed only at critical moments or by some encouragement or external stimulation.

Psychic Powers

Powers that are involved with or manipulate the mental capabilities and/or the mind of others. The mind transcends all physical boundaries and known properties of physics thus allowing to achieve astonishing feats.

  • Telekinesis - Use to move D&D and Vampire: The Masquerade pieces when playing with friends sometimes.
  • Telepathy - Contacted SCP-001.
  • Astral Projection - He left his own body to monitor SCPs and spy on Dr. Clef until they made a deal.
  • Mind's Eye - He struggled with SCP-173 blindfolded.
  • Mind Link - connected the minds of all nearby agents and guided them to a safe place.
  • Psychic Constructs - He created an invisible katana and tore off a piece of the SCP-682. For threatening devours your family and friends.
  • Psychic Energy Manipulation - It drained the mind of a pedophile and turned it into a vegetable.
  • Psychic Shield - It cannot be easily influenced by SCP-2191-3 and protects against unconscious SCP-166 seduction stimuli.
  • Retrocognition - At some point you can see and feel a whole scene of deaths and visualizations.
  • Psychoscopy - Obtained very dangerous knowledge of SCP-2191-3.
  • Omnilingualism - learned different languages and a few days even the most sober as the old gods.
  • Psionic Healing - He healed his mentor Roji before sending him back to his world.


A year after joining the SCP Foundation, the leading occult scientist began researching and later proved to have certain Thaumaturgy skills for two specific areas using his Mind or Blood to perform miracles or magic. and so began his study of occult arts and mysticism, such as SCP-001.

  • Blood Magic: Using his blood, he can do what in distant times was known as Hemomancy and unconscious, able to create symbols with his blood. A practice that is generating new research on the concept of Magic and Science at the SCP Foundation.

Equipments and Accessories

"Having the third largest access to foundation resources and creating his own paraphernalia it is clear that he should not be left to leave him research and development laboratory alone with him in the words of Vegeta the Miserable and a Genius." ― Dr.XXXX

Due to their advanced learning ability, beginning and inventing until, upgrade your own ascenal of items and weapons using even SCPs that have access.


  • SCP-055-PT/01:  A version more powerful than its predecessor that is unhappily undergoing testing and upgrades to this armor was made for Jiro's exclusive use only if a normal person tries to use it, it will be pushed to its extreme and die because it needs a very powerful mind to use. The differential that uses nanomachines is an artificial intelligence based on the SCP-079 which is now SCP-079-P1 or as I prefer to call Cyber Elf Luna which is very kind to support the physical combat capabilities and support allowing to be used in varied places like in the bitter cold of Antarctica or in the scorching derelict of Egypt anywhere bitter.
  • Light Shadow: Your infiltration suit modified for infiltration, sabotage missions.Its design is based on SCP-2191-1.

Special Cutting Weapons

  • Tachi: A katana slightly larger than a normal katana was made with a metal taken from a SCP creature whose records are confidential to its cutting and tremendous ability.
  • Ninjato: Naturally forged was a gift from his Sho Kumo Ryu master.
  • Kukri: Bought in the Mediterranean in Romania. It has carvings with simple enchantments very good for magic.
  • Tactical Fishing Hunting Camping Knife: A replica of Rambo's famous Camp Made Knife and versatile for many uses. It is widely used on the private beach of the SCP-166 to light a bonfire for a barbecue.
  • SCP-572: The weapon that causes people to act with super samurai or ninja is in possession of the unaffected weapon and uses it for fencing practices occasionally and on some missions.
  • SCP-5973-10-Type : A modification of the lightsaber Type B to make it look like Darksaber, just as lethal.


  • 380 GC MD1 Pistol: The first firearm.
  • Barrett M82: Special Forces Team Gift.
  • Fatal Gemini Desert Eagle: Modified Desert Eagle firing modified ammunition.
  • U-Venom Rifle: A rifle modified by SCP-666 and used and improved perfectly by SCP-2191-21.


  • SCP-9506: Used on off days mainly.
  • SCP-9508: Used on mission days, mainly to mingle in high domes of large and powerful influential events. It is used by other agents for infiltration missions.


Digivice D.Ark: And an object that resembles a very popular toy that was given by SCP-2000-JP that is not a toy for him and others, apparently only works with Jiro after a series of tests it was discovered that this is not our reality and it is pointing to a specific location by the compass. And he chose to go to the place alone and I take into account what appears to be a talking dinosaur, his name, and Dorumon, he says he is my partner, until this crisis is over.

Claire's Secret Diary (Former): It was described by SCP-2191-21 as terrible with a beautiful truth at the end. The book was destroyed but its information was memorized by the reader.


"So there are four things that catch my eye veteran D-9341 won't want to be the last one because I treat it like food or kill you." ― Jiro


 Your ties with the family are very strong. Only the mention of menace to them can manifest their most monstrous side. But that is the point that makes him human. Your human ties are your family, and for them you will always fight against even world-destroying beings just to keep them safe even if it may destroy you even if your family does not know what your real job is or which country you are now in, to them and just a student who got a job with his "Uncle ".

  • Dad and Mom:
  • Sister:
  • Brother 1:
  • Brother 2:
  • Brother 3:
  • Aunt:
  • Luna:


Your relationship with your friends is almost supernatural, and you can almost feel it when you have a problem. Not only humans with whom SCPs interact most, but one of the most powerful ties they have with 166. Not because they are almost always together, but also because they share the responsibility for caring for Luna. SCPs-239,040,105,1867 like the idea of the two of them as a couple and he always says, "I feel the presence of death every time you speak it out loud as if Dr. Clef were watching me."

  • 166:
  • 999:
  • D-9341:
  • Laura:
  • 239:
  • 040:
  • 105:
  • 1867:
  • 073: Cain is in total good times with Jiro, although he still has a problem with how he leads in missions in the Middle East currently he is only debating the ancient inscriptions of Enoch that he was given permissions to analyze in the foundation as there is a secret text below the text written that generated a slight competition to see who translates first what makes Clef annoyed.
  • Marcos: And stated as one of his best friends even though he lied having approached him as an infiltrator of the SCP foundation, that didn't change much he just gets resentful because apparently Marcos is into his sister that makes him uncomfortable. But his greatest proof of loyalty and friendship was when he destroyed the Foundation wall giving Jiro time to Escape with Claire and Luna to a ship to Antartica before his facility was taken over by the Greys.
  • 9506: A sentient vehicle that is very relaxed and firm in its attitude as it launches at high speeds in an attempt to stop an SCP from eating alive a civilian and an excellent field partner.
  • Keteru Yamiko: To a certain extent, Yamiko becomes the main ally for reasons related to her origin, something that involves the fold of creation and reality collapsing and creating new things at specific points in the world. Their agreement involves their presence in certain field missions, always hidden in the form of a shadow within the shadow of Jiro, a small dark pocket dimension communicating telepathically and discussing the most varied things has the ability to appear at the most inappropriate times your agreement, your Master and Servant agreement, and gives you some privileges thus becoming your personal killer.


Your alidate chain only grows not only inside or outside the SCP Foundation, even The Black Queen is interested in making certain partnerships between this agent and your Team. In a short time his network of allies is so extensive that even crosses the realities in both hell and heaven.

  • Dr. Sophia N. Light: Not exactly friends, but we have to learn not to be stranded at the base.
  • 001:

    Divine Vessel +8000

    I don't know your intentions or why you take care of me, or I'm in real danger, you take possession of my body, but one thing I know is here to protect "XXXXX" in the name of the Father. One thing and arrow It will be an important help against the planetary terrors and "Apollyon".
  • Dr. Clef: My shooting instructor, mentor teacher and "watchman = Claire". Now as a person and scary but I have your support, her rules are clear especially in relation to her, I can understand your concern mainly because he is, XXXXXX Clef when he asked me if he liked her I said: "We are definitely +Friends to sum up we are Family ".
  • 343: His interests are few, his intentions are clear about the fate of the land, when I approach I have a bad feeling and, at the same time, sad emanating from 343 as if he wanted to speak or do something. It is good to hear the wisdom of someone older, perhaps the oldest being in the universe.
  • Alison Chao: Martial arts teacher or my drool under certain circumstances and the most courageous and daring person I know and with whom it is good to work.
  • 023: If the Wolf saved me, can you say that you are an ally?
  • Dr. Jack Bright: Jack, the mischievous guy, with no sense of danger, if the guy wasn't an expert, I probably wouldn't be the least awkward at the base. And although your self-centered tendencies towards SCPs are very high and a good ally, that always puts me on the alert.
  • 053:​​​​​ The little girl cannot say that I don't care or worry about innocent children here, the only right thing to do and protect them. She likes to draw if she finds a way to undermine her power. I hope I can get you to have a normal life.
  • You are the Jiro of this reality.

     Roji is an innovation brought from another reality by SCP-1230-1, a true magician brought from another reality to teach magic, it seems that I know Jiro and, even though he is an animated character, it is clear that in other timelines and in reality, all series of animation and anime films are real and appear in this world as a reflection of people mentally sensitive to these universes and, consequently, transformed into stories. Although he prefers to be called Waver, he has to invent a name for this one of mine as he prefers to call servant. I'm curious to know about the other me fom his reality.
  • Dorumon:


Enemies and a very strong word for those who hate "possible junk meals" gets better. The few things I hate about this world are spiders sticking to this list. But worse things like "The Brood Mother" the Global Occult Coalition want my head and theirs the list of enemies only increases to stop the rituals of "Grand Karcist Ion" . And your group will just go to my fate Paralos, Arrest them or Kill them.

  • 076: Abel was one of my biggest challenges because it was the second problem I had to deal with at the foundation. The only advantage of interacting with him is that I can practice my fighting skills to the fullest, even though I know that when he runs away to kill I am one of the few who can put him back in his prison. He cuts my arm off me, and I cut off his leg and always like that.
  • 2191-1: And to think that, by some miracle, I did not become one of these creatures, I need to be careful, because we are connected, I feel them and they feel me, and as I do not submit to the queen and, of course, I must be eliminated.
  • 2191-3: Only one sentence: "I'm going to kill this F # %% $ &."
  • 682: The first time I ran into this creature was on my first escape attempt that ended badly. Facing a being that does not feel remorse, more can feel fear. What infuriates me in that being, and when it threatens someone important to me.
  • Grand Karcist Ion: After I destroyed one of its main Sarkicism headquarters, it was obvious that I was going to join his red list.
  • 701: This is not the worst of all, and it can be a disaster if it appears again on Earth. Hanged King and one of his damn creations.
  • Scarlet King: In this damn cosmic game of order, creation, and destruction, there are those who, unfortunately, are created as their champions. I chose a side, to protect, even if they try to take me by their side, I will still say F @ #%.

Trivia and Notes

Dr. XXXXX's studies present her notes on SCP-2191-21 a very unusual, but very good, list of her daily activities about the time she was observing.

  • In exchange for their collaboration has certain privileges but its degree of demand is greater.
  • Individuals such as Murderers, rapists, pedophiles, and other high-level criminals kill them without hesitation, drain them, and describe the sensation of having a milkshake. It does not do so out of necessity, but out of ethics and anger from normal people, who do nothing about actual crimes that go unpunished for serious crimes.
  • Your room at the SCP Foundation adjoins room SCP-166 to partner and socialize with someone of the opposite sex as it is unaffected by its charms.
  • The SCP-953 mistook him for his past-life lover.
  • Your object class: ??? and why it can fit into any class like Safe, Euclid, Keter,Esoteric, "Thaumiel" or a threat to humanity if it falls into "Apollyon" darkness with form, its powers and abilities grow.
  • His favorite candy and "Tapioca Couscous" reminds him of home. But every time you do it SCP-999 eats almost everything. For that reason always make one more candy tray.
  • While he sleeps, it can be said that he often speaks in ancient lines, such as Hebrew, Chinese, Persian, Japanese and others, and one that cannot be heard later always begins to speak in that language something supernatural like levitating while sleeping. This occurs 1 week after contact between SCP-2191-21 and SCP-001 on a field mission.
  • Once a week SCP-166 calls him for religious studies and SCP-2191-21 calls him to watch Animes with SCP-239,999 because his room has TV with internet.
  • Dr. Clef ranks it as one of the jewels that can protect the world from beings like the Scarlet King.
  • When questioning why he did not attempt to abuse the SCP-166, while trying to escape he said: "That would be wrong and I was not raised in a family to commit a horrible act like raping someone." But he did not deny finding her too attractive.
  • likes to write stories the SCP-085 likes its stories.
  • Gave 166 a Blue Lightweight Ultra Thin Dress with a Pink Bow.
  • Has a strong and peculiar taste for melee weapons in particular Swords that most often use firearms.
  • Attempted to neutralize SCP-666. After the incident developed a deadly hatred for spiders.
  • When a stronger opponent appears he gets excited about the SCP-5000. But you are not yet allowed to fight it.
  • It is often seen flirting with SCP-166 doctors but is often declined.
  • And the # 1 SCP-166 milk donor.
  • Jiro has succeeded in positively using SCP-572 to break a car in half without a problem and as a weapon against SCPs is not influenced by the sword and is now in his fourth.
  • Knows the code that is used to unlock SCP-002.
  • For people who like it usually ives nicknames of characters of Animes and the nickname catches.
  • SCP-343 calls him Jiro "נבחר מבני".
  • Berserk state by seeing a child injured by SCP-939 and Jiro killed him, ate and said he tastes like chicken. The creatures backed off after the event that seemed to be the fear of a better predator.
  • When he was in Transylvania SCP-2191-3 and SCPs-2191-1 felt his presence.
  • Its hobby is Cooking, Playing Game and MMORPGS, Watching Anime, Sewing, Training Martial Arts and other 35 Activities.
  • SCP-040 complains about not being able to win in Super Smash Flash 2 and he always says, "Practice more girl."
  • SCP-073 Said he has a familiar feeling about being around SCP-2191-21 and almost like a long time XXXXXXXX that didn't feel that vegeta hardly dry up when he's around.
  • SCP-105-A bribes him with chocolate candy she makes herself. And threatened to tell everyone that she knows he peeks at Astral Form girls because she took a picture of it with SCP-105-B.
  • SCP-131 are often seen stealing their shoes.
  • SCP-208 Sympathy with SCP-2191-21.
  • SCP-2191-21 accidentally followed SCP-507 to a parallel reality when they returned said: "Real Cyberpunk and F @ $%."
  • SCP-2191-21 gave the Bulkhead nickname to SCP-516. Because it looks like a Transformers.
  • SCP-590 is a little jealous that his sisters are into him.
  • Jiro and Blue's favorite color loves to use the SCP-1005 blue man's ink.
  • Manages to turn into a White Dragon but was temporarily trapped in this form asked to stay away was taken until Island 166 was there for 1 month. In that time 166 offered to take care of him for a while.

    A month in paradise.

  • SCP-1230-1 finds him worthy of knowing his biggest secret for passing his test.
  • From the information he obtained from Roji, he has the same potential for very high magic in addition to the same defect, his other self with a lot of mana production and little control.
  • SCP-1867 was his private teacher for a while.
  • SCP-2295 is your Team Doctor next to SCP-208 and your MK11 rival SCP-590.
  • SCP-2800 has made a deal to swap your favorite candy recipe with your Mexican tortilla recipe.
  • SCP-2191-3 has an interest in procreating after learning of its existence SCP-2191-21. To rule the earth after knowing its nature and destructive potential.
  • Jiro calls SCP-2317-K Goetia looks like one of the monsters in his FGO 1 # Beast mobile game.
  • In addition to the many SCPs wanting him dead, he has several other enemies, such as "Interest Groups", organizations that also have access to anomalies. They include the Chaos Insurgency, the Church of the Broken God and the Hand of the Serpent, and many others whose names are as old as human history.
  • ironically or target playing a trick, your SCP Foundation registration number as a field Agent 47.
  • He knows what Claire feels, but is afraid and smart enough to know that she will become a living target for her enemies.
  • The girl in black Yamiko, her recorded appearance occurred in an attempt to kill two employees who did not follow the control rules regarding the entity SCP-835-jp, coming into conflict with SCP-2191-21 from 13 / 0X / 20XX at 20:00H which started a great area of destruction within the branch base in Japan the end of the confrontation ended with a secret agreement between both beings.
  • SCP-835-jp started to present changes although he asks his master to treat her like a weapon with a knife, Jiro prefers to treat her with kindness and respect, which has shown to make her change a little to develop sympathy for him and his acquaintances and family and friend he reported in his file that describes him as a "ゴ ー ル ド ハ ー ト の 憂鬱" for treating her like this he started to present the same aspects of a Yandere by the analysis of Dr. Makoto responsible for the researches evolving SCP-835-jp and likes to provoke her by not realizing what she feels about him and the people around him.