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Item #: SCP-2003-J

Illustration of SCP-2003-J.

Object Class: Safe Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2003-J is to be contained in a 5x5x5 meter room, containing a wooden table and a purple mug with an image of a Pokémon named "Koffing", which has the writing "Koffee" under it. SCP-2003-J is to be protected from any erotic or out of normal actions on her. (We are watching you, Dr. Bright.)

Description: SCP-2003-J is a small, humanoid creature resembling the Pokémon under the name of "Gardevoir". SCP-2003-J is currently contained in Site-35, having a female specimen. SCP-2003-J Is very intelligent. It is usually friendly towards Class D Personnel. SCP-2003-J is known to communicate with English and fluent French. No containment breaches have been confirmed or documented. SCP-2003-J has psychic powers such as telekinesis and teleportation, making the object hard to contain.

Test Log 1: SCP-999 is introduced to SCP-2003-J

SCP-999: (Sounds curious and excited)

SCP-2003-J: (Shows singals of confusion and curiosity)

SCP-999: (Proceeds to hug and giggle with 2003-J)

SCP-2003-J and SCP-999 proceed to play together until the test end.

Dr. Bright: I want to fuck this thing. (Points at SCP-2003-J)

Dr. Teather: You will get in trouble with the MTFs. We should do more tests.

Interwiev 1

SCP-2003-J: Salut?

Dr. Teather: Um, can we get a traductor?

SCP-2003-J: Oh, you speak Anglais?

Dr. Teather: Sure I do. So, we are going to give a couple of questions.

SCP-2003-J: Where am I?

Dr. Teather: Well, that is not important in the moment.

SCP-2003-J Remains silent.

Dr. Teather: Where did you come from?

SCP-2003-J: From my mom?

Dr. Teather: What country or region are you from?

SCP-2003-J: Somewhere called "Canada".

Dr. Teather: Have you experienced any type of abuse?

SCP-2003-J: Yes... At night... Someone called "Dr. Bright".

Dr. Teather: That motherfu-