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A picture of SCP-192119.


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It is impossible to contain this SCP.


SCP-192119 is a computer virus that is very dangerous and deadly. SCP-192119 looks like a distorted version of the "when the impostor is sus! 😳" internet meme. SCP-192119 will inject itself to a random computer around the world, no matter how strong and secure the computer is. it will still manage to infect it. the infected computer will now be called "SCP-192119-1". when infected, SCP-192119 will create 1000-4000 amount of windows with it's face with text saying "ኃጢአተኛ ነፍስህ ከመዳን በላይ ናት እናም ሰላምን ወይም ሥቃይን አታውቅም ፣ የንስሐ ቅዝቃዜ ብቻ አብቅቷል ፣ ምክንያቱም ኃጢአቶችህ ከማንኛውም ተልእኮ የላቀ ስለሆነ ፣ መጨረሻው ቀርቧል ፣ የኃጢአት መርከቦች". These windows are impossible to close, and a very loud glitch sound will play during this (272db) even if there is no speakers at all. after that, the computer will crash then explode, and the victim looking at the computer will have a heart attack and the cerebellum of the victim will explode. there is a 0.07% chance of survival, people who survived the attack shows signs of Amogus. and before infecting another computer, it will wait exactly for 1 week and 51 minutes. the reason why the cooldown is very specific is still unknown.

An infected computer.