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Item #: 16040

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-16040 is kept is a wooden crate within the storage facility of Site-1832, and is not to be removed or interacted with except under the admittance of the leader of site. When any Personnel are allowed to interact SCP-16040 and exhibit no apparent physical or mental change, they are ordered to stay in a nearby facility until a change is visible.  

Description: SCP-16040 is a 32-key portable electric synth. It has 100 different instrument voices, 20 rhythms, and a drum pad with 5 different sounds. The closest electric keyboard model in appearance to SCP-16040 is the ██████ ███-███, having only differences in the scale of the object, as well as certain voices and the position of certain elements on the face of the keyboard.  

There is a voice list in upper left corner on the face of SCP-16040. All voices are listed correctly and correspond to the keyboard when they are selected. However, one label is noticeably scratched out. When that voice, or SCP-16040-a, is selected, SCP-16040 can cause different events to happen based on the chord or sequence of chords played. One such example of this property is a G-major 7th. Playing this chord nearby an animal will cause them to move towards you and become domesticated for a short period of time(about 7 minutes). 

SCP-16040 seems to be self-aware, and has occasionally changed a chord's effect on the surrounding area. This behavior is very rarely reported of happening, and usually resulted in a change that. A prominent example of a chord's effect changing during testing is when an C-minor 5th's effect(which previously made any the player about 3 centimetres and didn't do anything when played twice) caused the player to go insane. It is believed that SCP-16040's intentions were to harm the man after having overheard the man saying, "The hell? This just a keyboard! What'm I s'posed t'do, play it? Hell, y'all funny, I was expectin' somthin' that could actually hurt me!"

SCP-16040 has been locked away to prevent the potential harm that it can bring to others. However, when the keyboard was locked away, it seems that it developed a negative view towards humanity. When removed from the box after 5 months and a C-minor 5th was played, the player did not go insane. Instead, that specific D-Class personnel became patient 0 of an lethal airborne virus, or SCP-16040-b. No other Personnel were infect by the virus due to SCP-16040's containment procedures, preventing an XK-Class Scenario from ever happening.

Though the keyboard has not explicitly communicated this to humans in any fashion, Dr. Hector Yradnegell theorizes that SCP-16040 took the confinement to a single box as an act of aggression towards itself, and believes that humans deserve to be punished for it.

SCP-16040 was discovered in the basement of ████ ████ █████ ███ █████, ██████ █████, ████████, and was owned by a middle aged couple named ███ ████ and █████ █████. It's actual origins are unknown.