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Name: The Desire Virus

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-121231 samples are to be kept in a sealed room with only a hatch for an exit in Site 332. Said hatch is to be cleaned and disinfected every week. Personnel exiting the containment room are to be checked for abnormal changes in behavior or physical appearance and sent to the on-site psychologist.

In case of breach, all infested objects or personnel are to be burned and the ashes doused in bleach. In a breach, all personnel must carry with them a bottle of bleach at all times until further notice. Instances are contained in sealed rooms suited to their needs in Hall ██.

Description: SCP-121231 is a extremely fast spreading virus, replicating 10 times faster than the normal virus. Its anomalous properties are only shown when inside a host. When inside a creature, no matter dead or alive, that creature will mutate depending on its desire and transform into SCP-121231-1.

SCP-121231-1 instances are aggressive to other creatures except for other infected. When damaged, injuries sustained will be adapted as part of physiology and other body parts are enhanced to make up for what was destroyed. Both SCP-121231 and SCP-121231-1 are weak against bleach. Some body parts may resemble other creatures. Infection stages as follows:

Stage 1

Subject will be normal, except for nigh-invulnerability.

Stage 2

Subject's sclera will turn red and will start to act aggressive. Mutations appear.

Stage 3

It is now fully mutated. Patches of flesh will lose skin.

Stage 4

The final stage. It will be at strongest at this point.

There is no cure for this disease.

Test 01

SCP-121231 and D-4532

Subject's desire: To be stronger than his fellow D-class

Test results: D-4532 started mutating 10 minutes after being infected. Infected form consisted of a gigantic muscular humanoid.

Aftermath: D-4532 was incinerated.

Test 02

SCP-121231 and D-5432 in a water tank

Subjects desire: To eat

Test results: D-5432 started to mutate as normal. However, subject started drowning and sprouted gills and fins. A fish tail also sprouted. Subjects chest split open to reveal a gaping maw. Mouths started opening all over body. Tongues grew out of these mouths.

Aftermath: Subject escaped and was re-contained. The fate of the subject is being decided on.