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Object class: Keter

Description: Scp-12000 is a self evolving humanoid creature who claims to be the first organism in the universe, it's appearance seems to resemble a human male with long brown hair to back, yellow eyes and a well built body, it wears no clothing but has no genitals but morphs its skin into a tuxedo clothing like material to make people comfortable and can morph its body to match any organism, it is really durable, has a extremely fast healing factor capable of recovering from a nuke like it was light punch and can force itself to evolve instantly gaining new abilities, its blood is deadly to humans when making skin contact with it, is also very strong able to punch through mountains and runs at speeds up to mach 80, is able to grow large pterodactyl like wings that are so strong when it takes off it moves at mach 100 but becomes faster the longer it flys reaching the speed mach 300, it is also able to swim at mach 100 and can breath underwater, when examining a sample of dna it shows that it has all lifeforms in the universe dna combined into one, it is able to attach itself to other life forms and control them, also its iq and body adapts when fighting somthing stronger and smarter than itself making it become stronger and smarter than the thing it is fighting, it also never looses the same way that it originally was defeated by. its behaviour is persuasive and calm it also helps the foundation occasionally but only if it is given somthing in return, but it's behavior may instantly change into bloodlust and its aggressive personality for unknown reasons but it never shows bloodlust or anger towards any child instead it shows a happy and protective behaviour , it acted this way towards children when it was discovered in fact most children scp love it and are actually happy when around it

Recording may/6/1789:

Dr. Anne lizen is in the power room and 12000 is in its shell a microphone feature has been added to the shell in order for 12000 to answer these questions (12000 was given the 3 syringes of the special poison before interview)

Dr. Lizen: "Ok 12000 today we are asking you 5 questions"

12000: "...Huh...oh its you....yeah sure"

Dr lizen: "Ok then 1st question When were you created"

12000: "....oh 122 years after universe was created"

Dr. lizen: "Ok 2nd and 3rd question are you from another planet and if so does it have a name"

12000: "...yes...planet willivon" (pronounced will-ive-on)

dr. Lizen: "Neat name...4th question are you the only one of your kind"

12000: " have...a halfbreed daughter"

Dr. lizen: "interesting... 5th question how old are you"

12000: "122 years.... younger.... than the universe"

Dr. Lizen: "ok that will do, i will ask you 5 questions again 6 days from now" recording ended

(i wanted to make it short)

Containment procedure: Subject is to be contained in a large titanium chamber 150 meters below the ground, with a high amount of heat in the room burning flesh, also it is to be put in a reinforced titanium shell restricting subjects movement, with a red ring on the neck area of the shell with a hole, in that hole you need to put 3 syringes containing a special poison in it making the subject weak, there is also a electricity producer in shell to shock subject if shell is vibrating, the person in the power room must press a button or manualy by person pushing a button on shells back to shock subject but only chamber if power room has power difficulties, power must be recharged when at 25% not any lower both for power room and shell ,only lv 4 clearance or higher Can get permission in containment cell, their always must be 2 people in cell, there must be a person in the power room controling the electricity and heat while the other to inject the poison in subjects neck area on shell, both personal should wear a special full body suit to prevent subject from possibly attaching itself to personal and making them take subject with them by accident.