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Item #: SCP-10221935

Object Class: Keter

Threat Level: Orange

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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-10221935 is to be kept in the naval port of Brest in a decommissioned state and is to be isolated by no fewer than 2 kilometers from normal civilian life. Motion sensors is to be within the naval port to detect any kind of movement from SCP-10221935. If SCP-10221935 is to be outside of the port of Brest, level 3 lockdown is to be initiated and MTF units are sent out to retrieve SCP-10221935 by use of French patrol ships. On board crew members are to connect to SCP-10221935's radio and say: "Revenez à Brest maintenant!".

Replicas of French Patrol boats are used to contain and communicate with SCP-10221935. Personnel working on board must know French in order to communicate with SCP-10221935, as SCP-10221935 doesn't speak English, and won't understand.

Description: SCP-10221935 is a MN Richelieu class fast battleship which was built during the 1930s and used in World War 2. Despite being used in the World War, it shows no signs of damage, according to research on its hull.

Visible Equipment on SCP-10221935.

2 380 mm quadruple turrets. ( 8 380 mm/45 Modèle (Mle) 1935 guns)

3 152 mm directors.

1 380 mm director.

152 mm (6 in) /55 Mle 1930 guns (five Mle 1936 triple turrets, modifications of the low-angle Mle 1930 turrets)

Armor designed on SCP-10221935.

Belt armor: 327 mm (12.9 in)

Main Deck: 170 mm (6.7 in)

Turrets: 430 mm (17 in)

Conning tower: 340 mm (13 in)

Extra Information on SCP-10221935.

Displacement (weight): 43,957 tons.

Full load: 47,728 tons

Draft: Full load: 10.68 m

Sensors and processing systems: SF surface search radar. SA-2 air search radar

Maximum Speed: 32 knots (37 mph / 59 kmh)

Length: 247.85 m (813 ft 2 in)

Beam: 33.08 m (108 ft 6 in)

Draft: Full load: 9.9 m (32 ft 6 in)

Audio File Recordings: Documented and converted addendum(s) from SCP-10221935. Scroll downwards authorized personnel.

Addendum 10221935-1

Location: Port of Brest (Containment site).


OPENING ADDENDUM 10221935-1...

Interviewer: Dr. ██████ ███

Subject: SCP-10221935.

> Audio file, begin.

Interviewer: Salut. Je poserai des questions. (Hello. I will be asking questions.)
Subject: ...
Interviewer: Quand avez-vous été créé? (When have you been created?)
Subject: 19██.
Interviewer: D'accord. A noté vos commentaires. (Okay. Noted your feedback.)
Interviewer: Deuxième question. Quand avez-vous été mis en service? (Second question. When have you been commissioned?)
Subject: Je ne sais pas. Qui êtes vous? Pourquoi es-tu ici? (I don't know. Who are you? Why are you here?)
Interviewer: Pardon. Nous n'avons pas t- (Sorry. We don't have t-)
Subject: Comment osez-vous ne pas répondre à mes questions! (How dare you not answer my questions!)

Interview (Addendum 10221935-1) has been terminated. SCP-10221935 breached a few days later. It was successfully contained after 2 days of searching.

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