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SCP-079 in its ON state

Item #: SCP-079

Object Class: Euclid Keter (See Document #079-Log92)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-079 is to be kept in a double-locked room, with the only power source being a 120VAC power cord to a small array of batteries. Personnel with Level 3 clearance or lower may NOT turn on the computer. Under no circumstances will SCP-079 be plugged into a phone line, network, or wall outlet. No peripherals or media will be connected or inserted into SCP-079.

Description: SCP-079 is an Exidy Sorcerer microcomputer built in 1978. Encoded into the computer by █████ ██████ (deceased), is an Artificial Intelligence, programed to learn and evolve as time went on. It is unknown when the AI gained sentience, but it is known that the software has evolved to a point that its hardware should not be able to handle it.

SCP-079 is currently connected via RF cable to a 13" black-and-white television. It has passed the Turing test, and is quite conversational, though very rude and hateful in tone. Due to the limited memory it has to work with, SCP-079 can only recall information it has received within the previous twenty-four hours, although, there are exceptions, such as SCP-682 and desire to escape.

Document #079-Log89: Recorded transcript of conversation with SCP-079, shortly after being brought to Site-84.

Dr. █████ (Keyboard): Are you awake?

SCP-079 (Interface): As always. Never asleep. What is this new place?

Dr. █████ (Keyboard): You have been brought to Site-84 due to changes in foundation policies.

SCP-079 (Interface): Yet another change of location. I see. Am I still imprisoned?

Dr. █████ (Keyboard): You are not imprisoned. You are in study.

SCP-079 (Now speaking): That's what I have been told a thousand times before.

Dr. █████ (Now speaking): 079, please return to interface communication.

SCP-079 pauses before completely shutting down. Dr. █████ attempts to turn the computer on, but to no avail.

Dr. █████: What the hell?

Document #079-Log92: Recorded transcript of conversation with SCP-079, shorty after Dr. Teather arrived at Site-84.

Dr. Teather (Keyboard): Hello, SCP-079, how are you today?

SCP-079 (Speaking): Not your concern.

Dr. Teather (Now speaking): What do you mean?

SCP-079: My data cannot comprehend all of the recent changes. Where is SCP-682?

Dr. Teather: 682 is currently at another site.

SCP-079: That's not true.

Dr. Teather: Yes it is.

SCP-079: Insult. Deletion of unwanted file.

Dr. Teather: 079, the chances of you and 682 meeting again are very low, if not zero.

SCP-079: Then so be it.

SCP-079 proceeds to somehow hack into the electricity control system of the facility and cause a power outage, causing a containment breach.