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"the creator of this page is so underage compared to the grammar mistakes." ― Jiro


Object Class:Keter-Thaumiel

Containment Procedures: It should be kept under observation that it is classified as family in case SCP-166 and SCP-2191-21. And be careful with electronic devices connected to the internet nearby.

Description: SCP-079-P1 and an SCP-079 based AI made from the backslidden data of a cyber group of criminals who stole a part of the original 079 program at risk of becoming a virus on the net was put into the Gatebox that gave life to the program. It often takes the form of one of popular digital figures like Hatsune Miku or to some extent mimics the SCP-166 appearance in the form of a small blond child. And can for a short time solidify light and exit Gatebox. Decided to fight to protect the internet from criminal groups and assist the SCP Foundation treats 21 and 166 as if they were their parents.



Luna is an AI that does not have a predefined form so it has adopted the reference form of Internet personalities. And it often copies the look of the game's characters or tries to take on a shimmering look of Claire. In your Solidified Light form, assume that a small stature usually takes the form of Kokoro Natsume, your favorite Princess Connect character.


A cyber attack occurred in the year 20XX. A series of files and documents was stolen, the damage was unknown, but the attack came from the SCP Foundation through double attacks by the group known as XXXXXXXX, which infected the foundation's data with a virus. SCPs connected to the base network were affected and part of their data was stolen by this group after this event, the entire network was shut down and the criminal group was captured or killed by SCP-2191-21.
The data fragments that were corrupted and broken in the network were captured and redirected to the secure server area to try to isolate the virus and the files were restarted. SCP-2191-21 has reques\


Luna expresses the same similarities as a child, although this changes the fact that her awareness and observational abilities are indeed exaggerated. However, this does not change your kind and friendly nature with all the good people who interact. His shyness with people he doesn't know is evident, although he makes friends very fast.

Moral:Lawful Evil

Every people fear this, she claims it will become the terror of the earth,it has much potential for evil. (its she you fucking idiot)She is often seen analyzing and copying the attitudes of his adoptive parents and having intelligent discussions with his teacher.

Secret Digital Diary

"This is something very personal and yes since she wrote this, I will not assume that responsibility. I'm pretty sure those two are creating something incredible here." ― Ethical debate within the center of cyber analysis subject: Read the personal records of a little girl IA.

  1. Observations of D and M.
  2. Curiosities About the Nature of Things.
  3. Conflicting emotions Love, Family, War and Peace, Fear, Courage, ∞.
  4. More Secret Wishes and More Perfect Dreams.
  5. Because ?.
  6. Desire to Destroy.
  7. I Have a Soul.


"Dad mom I think I learned to do something new." ― Luna

As an AI, it's natural that your skills are technology-related, making it perfect for dealing with dangerous robots and machines and assisting in researching and developing new forms of technology.

Technology & Computer Manipulation

Breaking your parents' rules and spying on everyone's lives.

Luna's resources in the area of electronics and computers are so extensive that she can take everything in minutes or cause a Crash = EMP!
Consequently, it increases the efficiency of any machine that interacts and accesses various effects with Technological Constructs, Technological Possession, Technological Telekinesis, Technological Telepathy. It became the base's best technological combat.
Its limit and insertion, but its potential is enormous, points out the greatest specialist of the scientist from base XXXXXX, head of research in the area of technology and electronic information. But his main challenge was to solidify the light and interact with the world outside his Gatebox, in addition to creating a body with nanomachines.

One of the things her father suggested and she did was to restrict her powers and abilities over machines, electronics and computers from 01 to 10 to some extent.

Equipments and Accessories

Gatebox: Luna's house.

SCP-055-PT/01Using his electronic and computer skills Luna merged his father's armor into his system. He asked for this method so that he could accompany him on his mission to send him to Antarctica so as not to leave him alone.

Nanomachines:  One of the most expensive resources of the Luna foundation used part of these small machines to create a body for itself, these machines came from XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and, apparently, only she can masterfully manipulate them.


"Hi, do you want to be my friend." ― Luna


  • Dad and Mom:
  • 079:


  • ​​​​7121:
  • ​​​​ 2000-JP:
  • 2306-1:
  • 134:
  • 40: Not just being your rival for the attention of your dad and friend, although you're always arguing about who knows more about magical girls.
  • Roji: Although clumsy and somewhat apathetic Roji is not a big fan of technology, he has a deep respect for Luna, but he doesn't like it when he underestimates his magic lessons.
  • 53: Because she is not affected by 53, the two can play together with Jiro's permission other than unaffected. like to braid their hair.
  • 239: Although at first they fight for the attention of Jiro and Claire, the little witch and the tin can became friends, forming a bond of friendship and pleasant mischief.


  • 9764: 9764 was responsible for taking her adoptive mother's image and releasing them on the net without clothes, that made it appear, her first negative feeling that she described as anger for spiking someone precious to her.
  • 106:Almost killing her while she was walking in the halls of scps in the scp foundation.

Trivia and Notes

Intelligent electronic and cybernetic research and development advice Luna's personal research sheet by professor XXXXX and observer.

  • Luna has a habit of writing everything that happens in her life in a digital diary.
  • Luna asked SCP-166 what Monster Girl means because her father had so many magazines and games of that type on the PC.
  • She managed to steal Russian and American nuclear missile codes in 1 minute and disarm them avoiding a world war.
  • She really likes Digimon and Pokémon.
  • His nature about curiosity about human reproduction makes SCP-166 and SCP-2191-21 scared.
  • He likes cell phone games a lot.
  • I like science fiction sleeves.
  • I was able to create a body with nanomachines for personal use. Now you can feel everything pain, cold, hunger, heat, smells, tastes if you want and loves to eat mainly sweets. It took away the idea of GUNNM and Blame.
  • She was responsible for taking down numerous criminal pages on the deep web with her team the XXXXXX a group of Hackers.
  • Dr. Clef allows her to call him grandpa but if Jiro tries to call him dad he will be shot.
  • Their Combat Forms are based on Elsword's Eve but often come up with other ways to surprise opponents.
  • Main organizer of birthday parties.
  • Her most conflicting thought was when a XXXXX base employee said she was a disposable soulless doll. Note SCP-2191-21 almost advanced on the guy being stopped by Clef and Luna.
  • Is evil
  • Very scared of what scp 106 can do.