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Living Armor

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Special Containment Procedures

SCP-001 is to be contained within a laser proof building tall enough to contain it's massive size with a glass roof at site-1328 and one D-Class personel is to go into SCP-001's containment to polish it every 24 hours.


SCP-001 is a large armor that has similar resemblance to the iron monger from the 2008 film "Iron man" with the abillity to construct lasers, bullets and rockets for offense. It is a sentient being and most of the time in it's containment it builds a circular structure made out of light blue stained glass, we dont know what it is yet but it may be dangerous to the future of the world. SCP-001 was exposed to SCP-10000000000 one time and SCP-001 let SCP-10000000000 inside of it, this was a remarkable discovery as SCP-001 never let anyone else inside it even other SCPs besides SCP-10000000000. It also let SCP-10000000000 fully control it even if SCP-10000000000 did things it probrably wouldnt want like destroying the glass structure that SCP-001 was building. SCP-001 as a personal grudge againts AnRandomAnnoyingGuy for being the one to discover and contain it. This was proved when SCP Foundation members took a photo of SCP-001 with the desire camera, when he photo was printed out it showed AnRandomAnnoyingGuy's dead body.


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