SCP Fanon Wiki

Item #: SCP-001-P

Object Class: Pendient

Class: A

Object Clearence Level: 5


SCP-001-P is an 37 years man born in Canada, and has a warm ivory skin tone, and his height is about 1,70 aprox. The object is known to have a name (█████ ███), but prefers to be called "The Administrator" or "One-P" by others, also the object can't die and will stand on his 37 years forever.

SCP-001-P has total access to the foundation systems, sites and everything relationed to it, and has an Level 5 Clearence, with an Class A tittle. SCP-001-P isn't aggresive and very peaceful and calmed, but he always is serious due to his job at the foundation. The O5 council haves every access to SCP-001-P files, and everything about him. SCP-001-P is also pendient on making agreements with persons, GOIs or etcetera, and also to be always pendient for anything that happens.

SCP-001-P become anomalous when he [DATA EXPUNGED], and [DATA EXPUNGED]. After it, it was designed as the administrator by O5-1, and SCP-001 may be an cognito hazard, but decides to not use it except in important case, and also cares about the foundation, but other anomalous forces has showed, and he is usually an reality alternator and haves an strength and speed that nobody has seen ever.

Special Containment Procedures:

None, the object can be in the world and installations all the time, also has his own life, also due at his role of being the administrator.