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This document is only limited to personnel with Clearance 3 and above. DO NOT access this file if you are below the restriction.

Mobile Task Force Psi-12

Codename: Bone Breakers


MTF Psi-12 is a Task Force assigned to locate and contain SCP-2341-J instances (and of course, not to destroy them) and terminate people and cults associated with an instance of SCP-2341-J. Mandatory equipment includes Anti Foot Stubbing Technology, and SCP-2341-J Instance Detector.

Team Formation

Currently, there are three available teams. These are Team Alpha, Team Bravo, and Team Charlie. Multiple operations are usually done separately by each team. Members of said teams will be mentioned below.

Team Alpha

Team Leader: Task Force Commander StormG ████████ "Scepter"


Task Force Sergeant Don ██████ "Blast"

Senior Operative Al █████ "Tap"

Operative Joe ████ "Mama"

Field Medics

Medical Operative Rus █████ "Commy"

Medical Operative Juan ████ ████ "Fil"

Team Bravo

Team Leader: Task Force Lieutenant Emil █████ "Foxtrot"


Senior Operative Abcd ████ "Beta"

Elite Operative Jojo ███████ "Star"

Team Sergeant Yuki ███████ "Bone"

Light Machine Gunner

Team Lieutenant Benjamin █████ "Ben"

Field Medic

Medical Operative Bong ████ "Dot"

Team Charlie

Team Leader: Task Force Lieutenant Bob ███████ "Sponge"


Task Force Second Lieutenant Rick ██████ "Roll"

Elite Operative Charles ████ "Lima"

Task Force Sergeant Roa ██████ "Pres"

Field Medics

Medical Recruit James ███ "Cruit"

Medical Operative Adam █████ "Ads"