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Mobile Task Forces (MTFs) are elite units comprised of personnel drawn from across the Foundation and are mobilized to deal with specific threats or situations that sometimes exceed the operational capacity or expertise of regular field personnel and — as their name suggests — may be relocated between facilities or locations as they are needed. Mobile Task Force personnel represent the "best of the best" of the Foundation.

(Some MTF's also are just used by O5 Council or Ethics Committee to simply die.)

Mobile Task Forces vary greatly in size, composition, and purpose. A battalion-strength combat-oriented task force trained to deal with highly aggressive anomalous entities may consist of hundreds of troops plus support personnel, vehicles, and equipment and can be deployed in whole or in part to deal with threats across the globe. However, a Mobile Task Force can also be a small, specialized intelligence-gathering or investigative task force that may have fewer than a dozen personnel if that is deemed sufficient to accomplish their goals.

While in the field, task force members often pose as emergency responders, local or federal law enforcement, or military personnel appropriate to the region in which they are operating. Mobile Task Force Commanders can also request the assistance of local field units or personnel stationed at nearby Foundation facilities in order to accomplish their missions.

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Each unit is fundamentally structured in a way that best suits their intended purpose. While combat-oriented task forces may closely follow military hierarchy and organization, smaller units may have an informal or otherwise esoteric chain of command. As such, the responsibilities of the Mobile Task Force Commander (MTF CO)for each particular task force can vary greatly; the commander for a large task force might focus on maintaining multiple teams and deploying them as necessary to each assigned operation, whereas the commander of a small team might deploy with their team and direct the operation from on location.

Similarly, the cohesion of each unit will vary as well. Some Mobile Task Forces consist of personnel who have trained and worked for many years or even decades together, whereas the personnel of a Mobile Task Force formed on a moment's notice to deal with a specific incident may know little more than each others' names and fields of expertise.


Mobile Task Forces are typically commissioned as deemed necessary by the Foundation's Director of Task Forces, often with the direct approval of one or more O5 Council members. A significant number of Mobile Task Forces are created to deal with specific anomalies exhibiting traits that standard containment or response teams are unable to effectively counteract, though many were also created to pre-empt an emerging or theoretical threat.


Mobile Task Forces created for the purpose of containing a particular anomaly are typically deactivated at the end of the recovery operation or when ongoing containment is deemed no longer necessary. Occasionally, such task forces remain operational if the expertise and experiences learned are considered useful for future incidents, but otherwise the task force will likely be disbanded and its personnel returned to their prior posts. Very rarely, a Mobile Task Force will also be disbanded if it suffers sufficient casualties to render it incapable of operation. In these cases, if the prior capability of that particular task force is deemed necessary, a new task force may be commissioned to replace it.

MW (Manual Work) Mobile Task Force

MW Mobile Task Forces are created to do manual works that does not involved SCPs. Including assassination, protecting someone or cleaning out an enemy facility. MW Mobile Task Forces can replace other Mobile Task Forces if necessary.

The following, but not limited to, mobile task force comprehensive list:

Task Force Codename Used To Contain Operational Scope
MTF Alpha-50 Kouneli-Shikaar SCP-5257 Assisting for tracking down any anomalous activity caused by SCP-5257
MTF-Delta-11 Indifferent Travelers SCP-7999 See this page for more information, This Mobile Task Force is also designated as OTF-241.
MTF-Delta-20 Terrorist Trackers SCP-10696 Task forces specialized to investigate, explore, or research anomalous events and phenomena based on historical criminal attacks.
MTF-Delta-485 You Are Miserable SCP-6735-J This Task Force needs to take care of all the situations that SCP-6735-J makes, they are experts on cleaning rooms everything (What!? I got censored because i said the truth?)
MTF-Gamma-50 Black Tigers SCP-001 "A God made out of Darkness" SCP specific task force.
MTF-Omega 5 [DATA MISSING] SCP-5215-JJX Mobile Task force specifically to track the location and re-contain SCP-5215-JJX.
MTF-Oscar-132 Will Smith Slaps Chris Rock? No, that's stupid. Like, what about eh.... Fuckin' I dunno. You got any idea- Wait no no no no uh- Just pick somethi- Wait wait wait waitwait no. I've got something perfect. The GRAMMIES! That's gonna make us look stupid. Go home, you're drunk. I thought we told you off the fi- Whatever, we didn't need a name anyways. Just forget it. SCP-510 Specialized Task force tasked to search SCP-510-2 items captured by any GOIs left unmonitored by field agents.
MTF- Eltan- 554 Chalk Trackers SCP-6456 Task forces assigned to deal with the ever growing number of murders caused by SCP-6456.
MTF Omni - 011 Nuclear Bombs [NO DATA FOUND] Task Force assigned to contain SCP's who are large scale aggressors, that have breached facility containment and are outside. Task Force Division 2-A is also tasked with the containment of breached facilities that are too difficult for MTF Epsilon 11 to handle.
MTF Epsilon-012 Sweet Riot [NO DATA FOUND] Task Force assigned to control Riots & protests within close proximity of Foundation Sites, Task Force is also tasked with entering breached facilities and escorting personnel out.
MTF Beta-96 Arcane from O5-01's Mouth [ANY] MTF Beta-96 is a taskforce unit, presumed to study and track down several disruptive anomalies or thaumaturgical rituals, entities, artifacts, locations, etc. MTF Beta-96 started during the Panopticon Crisis, with the aid of the Overwatch Command and Alpha-1, started Beta-96 in early stage, with packing of several weaponry and artillery, all resources began to help Beta-96 personnel, and presumably in help with The Frontispiece, create the double unit for disruptive anomalies and thaumaturgical anomalies.
MTF Sigma-26 Rock Splitters SCP-6698 MTF Sigma-26 specializes in the control of SCP-6698's outbursts and breakdowns. Whenever SCP-6698 is to breach containment, not only are they there to push SCP-6698 back into containment, but they are also there to calm him down before a Stage 4 scenario occurs, or even worse.
MTF Psi-12 Bone Breakers SCP-2341-J MTF Psi-12 is assigned to destroy any SCP-2341-J instances contain SCP-2341-J instances and terminate any cults worshipping these tables. They are equipped with AFST (Anti Foot Stubbing Technology) and SIDs (SCP-2341-J Instance Detector). To learn more about this Task Force, click Here.
MTF Falcon-12 Taikonauts Space Entities MTF Falcon-12 specializes in the containment and/or exploration of entities found in space. They are usually equipped with SSG (Space Suppression Gear) which helps them go through space with ease. They are equipped with guns that would break the sound barrier if on earth, which helps to destroy/capture these anomalies.