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"I pray to god to thank you for my life always and protect those who care for me." ― Claire

Item#: SCP-166

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-166 can be safely contained in a minimal security environment. Since ██-██-████, SCP-166 resides in a standardized Class B room in Area-17, with the following changes:

The adjoining room has been redesigned to serve as an observation post.

Translucent acrylic panels, capable of preventing the line of sight, were installed in the corridor and in the access chamber to avoid the view of the interior of the room through the external corridor.

Several signs have been installed warning of the ban on the presence of male employees on rare occasions.

Reasonable requests for personal effects or modifications to the room can be fulfilled after approval by Level 4 or higher authorities. To date, SCP-166 has requested:

  • A copy of the Holy Bible (Douay-Rheims, Challoner review) (granted).
  • A Catholic rosary (granted).
  • Access to a Catholic priest for confession, mass and other sacraments (denied).
  • Several books and magazines, most of them of a religious nature (granted, pending approval in relation to the content).
  • Permission to interact and watch anime in the SCP-2191-21 Room. (Consented)
  • Permission to learn Thaumaturgy and Magic with Roji. (Pending approval from the Dr.Cleaf,Consented)
  • Permission to interact take care of SCP-079-P1. (agreed)
  • Request to search for information about your family. (Denied, complaining with Jiro's help)
  • A psychologist to talk about S ... (agreed)
  • Permission to stay with Lassie as your pet. (agreed)

A telephone to contact the abbess of the ████████ ██ ████████ ██████████ convent in Cornwall, England (granted: SCP-166 can use the phone for 1 hour a week, exclusively to call this number).

SCP-166 is generally content to stay in his room, as long as he receives entertainment in the form of religious materials, books, television and arts supplies but nowadays he has adopted more social practices by which he interacts more. As a reward for their cooperation, SCP-166 is entitled to a 12-hour tour per month outside Sítio-17, on an adjacent desert island. The Controlled Release Protocol 19-A must be observed on these excursions, added to the restriction that no male employee should approach more than 500 m from SCP-166 during his transportation, nor should he remain on the island currently and accompanied by his girls friends. and Agent Jiro at a luau on the beach.

Since even the lightest fabrics are capable of causing ulcerations (bedsores) on your skin after 45 minutes of contact, SCP-166 can walk naked for medical reasons. Their clothing and bedding must be made of long-fiber cotton, and must be changed weekly.

Male employees are prohibited from seeing or approaching SCP-166. Violation of this order will result in immediate disciplinary action and, possibly, termination for unpowered personnel. At all times, at least one female employee must remain in the observation area adjacent to the room, viewing SCP-166 through the observation slots or the camera system. To minimize the risk of accidental exposure, all cameras and windows must be equipped with translucent filters with at least 50% details hiding. No permanent record should be made of the appearance of SCP-166, whether in photography or recording.

SCP-166 does not require food, except approximately 1 cc of human semen, administered orally weekly. For this purpose, an agreement was reached with a local semen bank. The use of a substitute will only be allowed in an emergency. Although it does not need any other sustenance, SCP-166 is capable of consuming common foods.

Due to the many health problems of SCP-166, medical evaluations should be performed at least once a week.

Description: SCP-166 appears to be a female human being under 20 years old, with medium height and physical body. Medical and physiological analyzes select several differences between the object and an ordinary human body, including accelerated hair growth (about 20 cm per month), vulnerability to air leakage such as cigarette smoke and aerosols (crisis-like outcomes) asthma), tendency to form skin ulcerations and divergences in relation to dietary needs.

SCP-166 is notable for its effect on male humans. After defining eye contact with SCP-166, 100% of tested male people can use sexual contact with the object, regardless of their previous sexual orientations. In approximately 70% of the individuals tested, it disappeared after removing the presence of SCP-166. However, in the remaining 30%, the desire to transform obsession results in violent attempts to approach SCP-166. Class-A amnetics demonstrated 43% of these cases; the rest needed to be terminated. A new study was started because SCP-2191-21 is unaffected.

The effects of SCP-166 on men cause a great deal of suffering, extreme by their desire to follow a monastic lifestyle based on principles of chastity, poverty and obedience. For this and other reasons, contact between the object and male humans is prohibited. Recently he chose to revise his concepts and adhere to the most common abuses with a young woman would influence Jiro in his life.

Addendum 166-A: Object Collection Circumstances: SCP-166 was originally collected from a convent in Cornwall, England, in ██-██-████. According to the nuns, she was originally delivered to the convent by a "person of indescribable traits", who said she was the offspring of "an ancestral creature of great power," and provided instructions on how to raise her. No attempt was made to locate the object's mother.

SCP-166 was created by the nuns in an enclosed environment until a young man (Individual A), who had snuck into the convent to meet with one of the novices, accidentally saw her. Three days later, Individual A became violent and attacked the convent, trying to reach SCP-166. The Individual killed one nun and seriously injured three others before being forcibly neutralized.

A Foundation agent in contact with a local priest on another unrelated matter, heard about the incident and went to the scene. When he was also attracted, the agent immediately ceased contact, placed himself in confinement and asked the Command to send a female agent to continue the collection operation. Agent Beatrice Maddox contacted the Mother Superior of the convent and, shortly, negotiated the transfer of SCP-166 to the Foundation's custody for research and containment.

Addendum 166-E: Text of a letter, of unknown origin, delivered to SCP-166's room at ██-██-████.

Dear ██████,

I met your mother when she was a girl. She had hooves on her feet and starlight in her eyes. She was beauty and nature, and I killed her with my own hands.

Paradise is not a place. It is a state of mind. They wanted to take us back there. I stopped them. I took paradise from us a second time. I never regretted my actions that day, except for one: that when you met me that day, you saw your father put a bullet in your mother's head. I won't make excuses, just explanations. I hope you understand why I did that. I hope you will forgive me.

I love you. I wish I could have done more for you. The best I could do was leave it in the hands of kind and loving people and hope that they would create it in my place. From what I see, they did this job well. I'm sorry for not being allowed to continue with them. I'm sorry for bringing you to this place. I promise to do my utmost to ensure that your stay here is a pleasant one. I promise to keep you safe.

Happy sixteenth birthday, dear.

Your father,

████ ███████.


Kindness is one of the most impressive marks 166, it is seen more than once begging not to kill, those who saw her accidentally trying to rape her at the base, although she knows that killing is the only solution, the only thing she can do and pray for the soul that has gone mad at sailing.

Moral:True Good

Although she does not like to show, she is very curious about a number of things that girls do hairstyles, fashion clothes, clothes, especially sweet foods "Apparently, to impress someone". These moments were manifested by spending more time with Jiro, who did not give up his normal life, and always brings many things from the outside and showing them things that a typical country girl does not really know.

And accustomed to following the rules, it was the rare and small occasions that showed rebellion, the most evident was when her adoptive mother was about to die and meet the breeder, and the request to go sailing and say goodbye was denied, and against the rules and the help of certain agents fled to sail and say goodbye.

Abilities & Powers 

"I see that Jiro is not the only one with mystical talent." ― Roji

Claire is not athletic or strong, her health is fragile but her mind is powerful and she can decorate texts and ancient languages with symbols that easily combine with the kind of knowledge she wants to learn for which she has more affinity.


The concept of faith and a belief and one of the main pillars for miracles or magic is one of the things noted by Roji that this becomes very easy in SCP-166, his ties with thaumaturgy and symbols are powerful.

  • Magic Runes: By choice or affinity, Roji showed the path of the Runes as something present in his country of origin that he really does not like, because he thinks it is pure paganism, although he knows that many pagan things are found within the church and made her review her prejudices.

Equipments and Accessories

"It even suits you it tries that." ― Jiro

Having permission to ask for some things, it is not surprising what he takes with him sentimental items or gifts that he received.


  • Modified Tricoline and Silk fabric clothes: Because of her skin problem, to resolve this some development team led by Dr. Clef is working on a new type of fabric for the manufacture of clothing for 166 which had its success when Jiro took a large sample and made a blue dress with pink bow. Nowadays new clothes are made and made by herself.


  • History Books: His tastes for history books have grown his favorite themes are fantasy and medieval tales.
  • Bibles: It has several editions of Bibles of the most varied types. And making the third person at the base with advanced knowledge about the church.
  • Books concepts of symbols and their utilities: Because Runes are being taught, they are having to gain knowledge about archaic symbols.


  • Catholic rosary: And the rosary that was given to his request that he regularly prays was destroyed in the first escape attempt by SCP-2191-21 from the base, its pieces were scattered, but it was reassembled by him with an apology, it became an item very dear.
  • Runes Necklace Silver: An item that was made by Roji and SCP-1230-1 before returning to their world has unique properties and incredible effects, such as temporarily neutralizing the attractive effects and sexual pulses that SCP-166 emanates, for a period of 12 hours.


  • Digivice D.Ark: One of the people who received this insanely powerful item, points to the cervedor sector of the SCP Foundation, unlike Jiro who pointed outside the base, his partner and a humanoid plant named Lalamon.
  • Claire's Secret Diary: A diary that was being written by Claire when the agents took the diary to covertly read the pages was blank.



  • Sister Maria:
  • Dad and Mom:
  • Luna:


  • 2191-21:
  • Laura:
  • 040:
  • 105:
  • Roji:


  • 239:
  • Alison Chao:
  • 1867:
  • 9508:
  • 105-PT:
  • Lalamon:


  • 119-PT:
  • 2715:

Trivia and Notes

The preliminary analysis of SCP-166 on its development is this psychological by Dr XXXXX and the testimonies of its security Agent Beatrice.

  • He adopted Lightlove's surname because he decided not to use his father's surname XXXXXXX, Light because of an adoptive mother, Maria Light and Love, on Jiro's recommendation.
  • Things related to sexual content make her very ashamed, especially when asked by someone young, like Luna.
  • Shows a little jealousy when watching Jiro Flirting with his doctors.
  • The concern shows when seeing SCP-2191-21 injured.
  • She likes to sing a very old song that is difficult to recognize, when asked where she heard it from, she says it comes to her mind every time she enters the forest of her dream.
  • Accidentally, the analysis team exchanged samples of the Jiro liquid for Claire's weekly meal, which she said tasted very good and when asked where it came from, shocked her.
  • When the doctor asked if there was something wrong, she was blunt about sex about everything. Apparently, he is having very wrong dreams involving his friend Jiro, and is ashamed to admit that he liked it.
  • He started to consult with a psychologist because he does not know how to deal with what he feels he describes as a "Heat", but they are only his young Hormones, trying to call the attention of those who like.
  • Apparently all the girls who care for Claire hope, that Hero will realize what she feels.
  • SCP-119-PT threatened to kiss 21, if she is too slow. This made her angry to the point of headbutting her.
  • Her therapist said she needed an activity to put some of these recurring frustrations out of her mind and she chose to write about everything.